Gunslinging Florida Grandma Explains Why She Pumped Intruder Full Of Lead

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Chicago rapper Lil Durk once sang “Got these ski masks for the COVID/The only time you n-ggas wear it/ N-ggas ran inside my crib but the Glock 10 was by the bed,” after home invaders tried him at his Georgia house in 2021 which lead to a big shootout.

Meanwhile, Sunday in Florida it was 70-year-old Virginia Morrison who grabbed her piece to defend her crib after an alleged scumbag pulled up and refused to comply with Virginia’s warning shot at the home invader.

The punk f–ked around and found out that Virginia wasn’t playing games. She pumped 38-year-old Ezequiel Rosario-Torres full of lead after he walked into her home Sunday afternoon.

Florida grandma killed intruder
“I’m going to defend myself,” 70-year-old Virginia Morrison said after shooting and killing an intruder / Fox35

“I didn’t know what he was going to do, but I knew I was going to protect myself. I’m a fighter. I’m going to defend myself,” Virginia said during an interview with FOX 35 News.

Hell yeah, Virginia!

“He stepped in, and I turned around, and I said ‘who the hell are you? What do you want?’ Nothing. This guy never said a word the whole time he was here,” the grandmother added.

One thing led to another and our hero was retrieving her gun fully ready to pump the invader full of lead.

“He started coming toward me and I fired a shot above him. ‘Back off dude!’” Morrison said. “And he just kept coming toward me. So I just lowered my gun and shot him.”

“I didn’t realize I hit him but once I looked, he had a hole in his t-shirt and I thought I got him,” she said.

Ezequiel Rosario-Torres
Ezequiel Rosario-Torres

Morrison says she didn’t want to have to take the invader’s life, but it was either that or possibly her life and her partner who was also in the house.

“I hope God can forgive me for taking a man’s life,” she added.

If we’ve learned anything from situations like Lil Durk having to unload on COVID ski mask invaders inside his crib, it’s that it’s typically a fight or die scenario. Lil Durk was cleared by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Florida State Attorney’s Office should handle their investigation and conclude the same if Virginia’s story checks out.

This one seems cut and dry.

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