Growing Belief Among Attorneys Alex Murdaugh Will Be Found Not Guilty In Double Murder Trial

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Attorney Anahita Sedaghatfar predicts a prompt acquittal for Alex Murdaugh in his double murder trial.

While she initially predicted he’d face a hung jury, she now believes the jurors may be “sympathizing” with the defendant.

“I see a not-guilty [verdict] and I see it very quickly,” Sedaghatfar said on  “Fox News @ Night” Tuesday.

Sedaghatfar, who is also a law professor, has been one of the more insightful voices on the trial. She has provided a swift, astute analysis of the developments.

Now, Sedaghatfar is among the first national voices to predict an acquittal this week.

She told OutKick in a tweet she’d be “stunned” if the jury found Murdaugh “guilty.”

The prosecution has argued that no other subject had a motive to kill Paul and Maggie. The defense attempted to counter that hypothesis on Thursday.

Murdaugh’s defense lawyer Jim Griffin suggested to jurors during closing arguments that Alex’s former pill dealer murdered Paul.

Griffin implied that Paul could have confronted the dealer and threatened to turn him in if he didn’t stop selling pills to his father.

The prosecution maintains Alex shot Paul and Maggie to drum up sympathy and divert attention from his looming financial scandal — a theory some experts have questioned.

The evidence against Alex Murdaugh is mostly circumstantial. Including an ominous timeline that suggests he knew exactly where to find the dead bodies of his wife and son.

“19 seconds. Is that enough time for a surprised human being to come across that scene, process what they are seeing, get out of the car, go over there, check both their bodies, then call 911?” the prosecution asked.

But the circumstantial evidence might not suffice. Evidence beyond a reasonable doubt is not there.

Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro also suspects the prosecution failed to provide said burden of proof.

Judge Pirro projects a hung jury.

“I would bet my house that there’s one person who’s going to hang on this jury, if not more than one,” said Pirro.

In her own words:

” [Alex Murdaugh] is, without a doubt, one of the best, not just defendant, certainly the best defendant, but the best witness I’ve seen on a courtroom stand. Nobody can put words in his mouth, as hard as they try. No one can pull the wool over his eyes. He is sharper right now than that prosecutor is, and that prosecutor has a game plan.

“This guy has to have a terrific memory to be able to be keep straight on the lies that he’s telling, okay, but what’s going on today is that he has consistently added another possibility. And so some juror is going to say there could be someone out there who did this. But if the prosecutor has any brains – and I don’t like that cross-examination yesterday  – I like him, he’s a bulldog, but you can’t be a bulldog straight for two days. The jury is gone. They left after the third time you stole, and you looked in their eyes, okay. They’re saying he’s a liar, a thief and a con man. He says, ‘I am.'”

Neither Anahita Sedaghatfar nor Judge Jeanine Pirro expects the jury to convict Alex Murdaugh. What say you?

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Written by Bobby Burack

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