Is Grizzlies’ Jackson Worth Rookie of the Year Bet?

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The dust has barely settled on the NBA draft and already we will peer into our crystal ball to determine which of these talented rookies will have the best chance of taking home the ROY hardware next June. Let’s discuss the finalists and see what the oddsmakers say about their chances.

The Super Six

Deandre Ayton (Suns, 1st overall) +260 – Phoenix did exactly what everyone expected them to do and tapped the Arizona big man as the first pick in the draft. Although Ayton is projected to be NBA ready immediately, he may not be the best long-term player in the draft. But if you’re betting on what these draftees will do in their debut season, then Ayton may be the guy to get you the cash.

Luka Doncic (Mavericks, 3rd overall) +300 – The 19-year-old Slovenian guard may be the most polished player in the draft and his upside is sky high as he is already a star on the international stage and is projected as a can’t-miss prospect. Depending on exactly who you talk to, Doncic is listed at anywhere from 6’5” to 6’8”, but his actual height aside the kid is loaded with talent. Dallas may have given up their own fifth overall pick plus a protected first-rounder next season to the Atlanta Hawks in order to move up just two spots to grab Doncic, but it could be a relatively low risk/high reward gamble for a team like Dallas desperate to be relevant again. Oh, and the kid has an absolutely smokin’ mama for whatever that’s worth.

Marvin Bagley III (Kings, 2nd overall) +450 – Sacramento has needs all across their roster so they opted for whom they considered the best player in the draft regardless of position. Bagley was an offensive force of nature around the rim and in the low post during his only season at Duke, but defensively he lagged which is part of the reason the Suns chose Ayton over the 6’11” former Blue Devil. His perimeter shooting is a concern and the elite defenders he will face at the next level may hinder his rookie year stats.

Trae Young (Hawks, 5th overall) +700 – This will prove to be a boom or bust pick for Atlanta as Young will be compared to the player the Hawks could have had with their 3rd overall pick, Doncic. Young is in a class by himself in terms of shredding defenders and playmaking ability. He is also a marksman from beyond the arc, yet he is just 6’1” and lacks the explosiveness and defensive skills of a typical lottery draft pick. Young will get old very quickly in Atlanta if he doesn’t bulk up and get ready for the grind of the 82-game NBA season.

Jaren Jackson Jr. (Grizzlies, 4th overall) +900Jaren Jackson Jr. – my man. Our beloved Grizzlies got the player they coveted as the former Michigan State freshman should be a seamless fit into the Memphis front court. Still, only 18 years old, Jackson Jr. is nearly seven-feet tall with a wingspan that measures over 7’5” and a dominating defensive presence.

But Jackson isn’t a one-trick pony and has shown remarkable offensive ability for a big man to hit mid and long-range shots. Ironically, his skill around the offensive boards may be the area in need of the most improvement, but it’s nothing that solid coaching won’t improve and Grizzlies’ fans shouldn’t sweat it.

Defensively, the kid is a menace around the rim and his perimeter defense is alarmingly polished for a player his size. Fouling was an issue for Jackson last season as he earned 5.9 fouls per 40 minutes but he will be groomed in Memphis as opposed to getting a baptism by fire. Therefore, a 20-25 minute per game average may not set him up as a Rookie of the Year contender but he could very well have the best career of all the 2018 draft picks and that’s what matters most … as long as he does it in a Grizzlies uniform!

Mohamed Bamba (Magic, 6th overall) +1100 – Hovering at 7’1” the former Texas freshman and current member of the Magic is a genetic mutant with arms the length of a luxury liner. Boasting a record-setting 7’10” wingspan, Bamba made layups virtually impossible for his opponents when he was patrolling the paint. However, Bamba’s offense is not nearly as impressive as the other defensive rookie goliath Jackson, and Bamba will likely be used exclusively as a defensive ace until he packs on the muscle and cultivates a more refined offensive repertoire.

The Next Best Things

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Below are the rest of the rookies you can bet.

Kevin Knox (Knicks, 9th overall) +1500

Michael Porter Jr. (Nuggets, 14th overall) +1500

Collin Sexton (Cavaliers, 8th overall) +2200

Mikal Bridges (Suns, 10th overall) +2200

Wendell Carter Jr. (Bulls, 7th overall) +2800

Miles Bridges (Hornets, 12th overall) +2800

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (Clippers, 11th overall) +3300

Donte DiVincenzo (Bucks, 17th overall) +4000

Zhaire Smith (76ers, 16th overall) +4500

Lonnie Walker (Spurs, 18th overall) +5000

Robert Williams (Celtics, 27th overall) +5000

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