Greyson Lambert Sets NCAA Record, Dates Miss Georgia

Last weekend Greyson Lambert went 24-25 passing against South Carolina to set an all-time completion record in an NCAA game. And this week his girlfriend, Adeline Kenerly, got bumped up to Miss Georgia because the previous Miss Georgia is now Miss USA. That’s a hell of a run. He’s going to cap it off in ten days when he and the Georgia Bulldogs beat Alabama and everyone realizes that Georgia is in a perfect spot to win the SEC. 

Then Georgia will lose to Florida, Georgia’ing it, despite being a double digit favorite and Georgia fans will egg Greyson’s house and then he’ll bounce back to win the SEC title and Georgia will be poised to win the national championship until they fumble on the one yard line in the title game against Ohio State. 

Really, you don’t even need to watch the next two months of games, this is all definitely happening. 

Anyway, Outkick is in the pageviews business and I could keep on telling you the future or I could link a few pictures from Adeline’s Instagram account so y’all can all come over here and check them out. 

In addition to being Miss Georgia, Adeline is a majorette. Here she is with Uga. Question, does Uga have more attractive women posed alongside him than any other dog in the history of the world? I think so. 

Is it just me or is Greyson Lambert incredibly good looking too? Wait, it’s just me? Okay, moving right along.

A photo posted by @adelinebkenerly on


Oh, hey there, didn’t see you there with a camera, I’m just holding a puppy and looking over my shoulder, awkwardly. Like I always do when I hold puppies. 

A photo posted by @adelinebkenerly on


How about Colin Powell here? Making a move on a younger woman on the book signature page? Such a veteran politician move. No telling how many book signatures have Bill Clinton’s actual phone number in them.  

A photo posted by @adelinebkenerly on


Guys, I know this may be a crazy idea, but, stick with me here, I’m starting to get the feeling that quarterbacks have hot girlfriends. 

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.


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