Gretchen Whitmer and Other Michigan Lunatics Tell 2-Year-Olds To Mask Up

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Starting today across the state of Michigan, two-year-olds at daycare facilities will be required to mask up, thanks to an order from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. Kids from ages 2-4 will now be subjected to mask requirements just like the rest of Michigan citizens, according to MDHHS representative Bob Wheaton, who told that two-year-olds will be required to wear a mask at a park just like 18-year-old senior in high school.

The new rules will require daycare workers to keep masks on two-year-olds. One daycare worker told Mid-Michigan Now that she’s concerned for the two-year-olds who are learning from teacher facial expressions and expressions from classmates. “Something might be super exciting and fun, but they can’t see that so they don’t know how to react,” Nicole Bellanger from Lady Di Daycare told the news channel.

Bellanger added that three-year-olds at the facility are speaking less since they started wearing face masks. “The mask will definitely put an impact on that. So we won’t be able to know what they say or what they want so that will make more behavioral issues because they can’t talk. So kind of like how babies cry because they have no other way of communicating now these 2-year-olds are going to have that same thing, so they’ll stop talking as much,” said Bellanger.

Yet still, the state says it’s time to mask up the two-year-olds through May 24 when the order is set to expire.

Dr. Nuzhat Ali, a pediatrician in Flint, told WJRT empathizes with the facilities who will be required to keep the kids masked or feel the hammer of the state health department.

“As a mother and as a pediatrician, I cannot just even imagine trying to put it on a two-year-old. And, you know, letting them wear it for eight to 10 hours a day. I mean it’s just, it’s just something which is, I don’t think it’s doable,” said Dr. Ali.

State lawmakers made a last-ditch effort Friday to get Governor Gretchen Whitmer to reconsider this new rule, but it failed. Whitmer’s health department moved forward. The CDC came out in February stating that two-year-olds should be wearing face coverings in a community setting and even went as far as stating that double masking was a smart idea.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. The liberals are NOT following the science as they always claim! Mask wearing is detrimental to toddlers intellectual development as well as being bad for their health by restricting oxygen flow.

    If there are negative effects the state should be held liable!

  2. Simple solution to all the tools out there with “broken hearts”: DO. NOT. COMPLY. Fucking sheep KNOW what’s going on is wrong but still abide by it. Fuck it. I have no sympathy for Michigan. Elections have consequences. Learn or keep your head down like a good lamb.

  3. Masks on children = child abuse. The psychological damage to this generation of children will dwarf anything the Catholic Church ever did. Parents need to tell the state to piss off, home-school if they have to, and teach children the virtue of civic disobedience.

  4. It’s actually worse than that. It is indoctrination at the earliest opportunity. An entire generation of kids being raised to fall in line — or else. Being programmed to blindly follow the rules and not push back or ask questions, because big brother knows what is best for you and there are consequences if you don’t comply!

    • That’s exactly what it is. It’s not enough dumbing down the education system. I mean really no accelerated math until 11th grade? Now not only are the kids going to ignorant, they’re going to be completely emotionless. A bunch of zombies not capable of thinking, falling in line.

  5. I seriously mean this: The apocalypse is coming.

    Can the casual readers that take the time to read this article actually believe that government officials are following through with this stuff?
    And better yet, that PARENTS and BUSINESS OWNERS and EDUCATED PEOPLE are just throwing 🤷‍♂️ and letting it happen???

    What in the holy f##k is wrong with you???!!!

  6. A person in the article talked about facial clues and how we react to them, even as toddlers. I had wondered all along about Chauvin’s trial, where he was forced to wear a mask, and the jurors could not see his facial expressions as the trial progressed. A big part of a trial is how the defendant reacts and looks, not just the evidence that is presented on the stand.

  7. Disappointed in the sheeple of Michigan… they should rioting in the streets and marching to the state capital to grind these DemoKKKrat imbeciles under their boot heels… It’s time for war…

  8. This same bull shit pertains in PA where I live. I send my 4 yr old to day care where they are required to where a mask. Also when she plays soccer kids are required to wear mask while they run around. I’ve been slowly teaching her to question this. As she bends the rules to benefit her. It’s total BS.

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