Greinke Will Drop The Reds

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Reds vs. Royals, 8:10 ET

With football games, it almost doesn’t matter who plays in the game, people are willing to watch. That has been proven over and over again as the NFL continues to give us crappy matchups on Thursday nights. With baseball, only the true diehards seem to want to watch any game. The time reduction in games might help get people more interested in watching random games. The truth is that sports betting gives us a reason to watch the games though. That’s the reason I’ll watch the game between the Reds and the Royals.

The Reds are very surprising this season. They didn’t have any significant upgrade in the offseason and seemed like they were actively trying to lose this season when they started. A couple of years ago, they were in the playoffs, and before this year started it looked like all they were trying to do was save money and begin a rebuild. Still, they are now sitting at 30-35 and around the middle of the pack in the division. I won’t say they will win the division, because they won’t, and they certainly won’t make the playoffs, but they’ve been better than expected. Luke Weaver is taking the ball for the Reds tonight with a 6.27 ERA. He hasn’t been very good yet this year. He has nine starts and has allowed four or more earned runs in all but three of them. He’s only had one scoreless start and the Reds still somehow lost that game.

The Royals host the Reds in Kansas City. (Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The Royals are certainly looking to rebuild. They are just 18-46 on the season which is pretty terrible in case you didn’t realize. They are just 9-23 at home and the same record on the road so there is no edge for the team based on where they are playing. However, with their starter today there is a big difference between where he starts. Zack Greinke is taking the ball for the Royals, and he has been very good at home but sucks on the road. At home, he has a 3.00 ERA and on the road it is 6.15. He didn’t face the Reds this season, and he hasn’t faced the hitters on the squad too many times either. Still, something about the home mound makes Greinke comfortable.

I normally wouldn’t care much about baseball between the Reds and Royals, but I think we should be getting worse odds than -110 on Greinke and the Royals at home. I like this play and will back them to win. Take the Royals for the game.

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Written by David Troy

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