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Why is Gregg Popovich Lying About Michael Brown And Stirring Racial Animus?

Six years ago, I bought the Michael Brown “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative. I bought the act of Twitter activist Shaun King, too. Through King, I donated $1,000 to support Michael Brown’s mother on an alleged overseas trip to speak about racial injustice.

A lot changed over the subsequent six years. I spent an afternoon in Los Angeles interviewing King inside the offices of The Undefeated. Fraudulence oozed from his pores. A diligent reporter exposed his birth certificate and pictures of his white father. I realized King was a race hoax, Talcum X.  

More important, the Department of Justice, under the guidance of President Barack Obama and attorney general Eric Holder, unearthed the facts regarding Michael Brown’s shooting. Brown didn’t have his hands up. Brown reached inside officer Darren Wilson’s patrol car and tussled with Wilson for control of his gun. Wilson shot Brown while Brown was running toward the officer. 

The Department of Justice exonerated Darren Wilson. 

I now no longer pretend Michael Brown was an innocent victim of police brutality. The facts do not support that bogus narrative. These facts were made public more than four years ago.

So why did San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich spend three minutes Sunday promoting a Michael Brown narrative debunked by a black president, a black attorney general and colorblind facts?

Has someone or some organization asked Popovich to irresponsibly spew racial conspiracy theories? Racial unrest and violence have rocked this country for two months. Why would Popovich agitate an already tense situation with lies?

Here’s part of what Popovich said unprompted as a way of remembering the six-year anniversary of Brown’s death.

“This was a young man who had just graduated from high school about a week earlier, I think,” Popovich told reporters inside the Orlando bubble. “There was some sort of altercation that everybody has not agreed upon yet. But that fact that is agreed upon is this is a young man with his hands in the air, running from the officer, running away, and received six shots in the back that killed him.

“And it’s just another example of an overall culture, not every policeman, so don’t take it out of context, but an overall culture that sort of presumes guilt, or feels danger because it’s a young black man.”

Brown was not shot in the back. According to forensic evidence, all six bullets entered Brown from the front as he charged toward Wilson. 

Darren Wilson felt danger because Brown reached inside a police car and attempted to grab Wilson’s gun. 

Popovich is a basketball coach. He’s clearly willfully ignorant about the Brown case, and it’s probably fair to presume he’s willfully ignorant on many of the issues involving alleged racial injustice. 

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He’s not alone. His ignorance mirrors the ignorance of the overwhelming majority of the athletes and coaches swallowing the Black Lives Matter narrative. They’re uninformed. They’re stirring racial animus because it’s good for their brand or because supporting Black Lives Matter is a way to conceal their anti-black bigotry. 

A week ago, Popovich responded to a reporter’s question about guard Marco Belinelli’s status by retelling a voter suppression story from 120 years ago. The state of North Carolina passed a law requiring a literacy test for all voters that was clearly aimed at black people. 

Pop’s angry woke rants are popular with the mainstream media and the blogosphere. Why?

A coach preaches to his players to let go of the past and focus on the opportunities in front of them. A great player mentally lets go of a bad play so that he can take advantage of the next opportunity to contribute. 

Why are Popovich and other angry white liberals constantly pushing black people to hold onto the wrongs of the past? Is any other group repeatedly asked to do this by outside forces? Has Popovich ever climbed on his high horse and ranted about the crimes committed against Jewish people or Japanese people or Italians?

A group of Americans changed the literacy laws to the point that our country elected Barack Obama twice to our highest office. Why not champion those people? Why tell a negative story when you have a chance to tell a positive story? Isn’t that more effective leadership?

Popovich’s actions create the impression that he wants black people angry, emotional and looking in the rearview mirror. You can’t see what’s in front of you when you’re obsessed with what’s behind you.

Popovich is not dumb. He’s intentionally promoting racial animus. 

We ascribe good intentions to liberals. We’ve been programmed to believe their mistakes are the result of unintended consequences. I used to think that way. Now I don’t. 

The pervasive police hostility has elevated violent crime in poor black communities. Murder rates are climbing in Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles and other major cities. Police can’t protect our most vulnerable citizens because their communities are seething with an irrational level of anger toward law enforcement that has been promoted by Popovich, Steve Kerr and their comrades in the media.

Police rarely kill American citizens. That’s an indisputable fact that Popovich knows. He also knows that any citizen — regardless of color — who complies with police has virtually no chance of being physically harmed by law enforcement. There were two other black people in the car with George Floyd. Nothing happened to them. 

A reporter inside the Orlando bubble should ask Gregg Popovich why he lied about Michael Brown’s encounter with Darren Wilson. 

I don’t believe it was an accident. The smartest coach in basketball isn’t that stupid.

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. Great article as ususal JW. The Michael Brown case is especially frustrating because there is a forensic report that indisputably shows that Michael Brown was shot not with his hands up, but charging at the cop after punching him and trying to take his gun. It’s unbelievable how many people still wink and nod at the hands up don’t shoot mythology because it’s so corrosive and divisive.

    • Mick, great post, I completely agree………Popovich is lying his a#* off………..Whitlock retweeted a link to the Dept. of justice report and I just read it……….The report contains the following statement: “The autopsy results confirm that Wilson did not shoot Brown in the back as he was running away because there were no entrance wounds to Brown’s back.”……So there it is. Brown was not shot in the back. Brown was not running away (the report also of course contains fact that forensic evidence shows what you already stated, about the struggle inside the police cruiser where Brown tried to take the gun before leaving and then coming back towards cop again!)…..My question is: Who is paying Popovich and why does Popovich seemingly want to start race riots?

  2. Pure Whitlock gold. I wonder if the explanation for the wokeness of the Popoviches and Kerrs of the world is a guilt that they have for being white coaches in what is largely a black sport. Their finger is always in the wind to figure out how they can be part of the crew. I mean I kinda get it, you want players to go to war for you so what better way than to show how “with” them you are.

    • Pulitzers reserved for woke NY Times reporters. I now place them as having about as much relevance as the Grammys, The Oscars, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and many other “awards”. They could only reestablish an air of credibility in my eyes if they handed one out to the best writer in the business..The usual excellence in reporting Jason.

  3. Popovich has taken his game to a whole new level with “But that fact that is agreed upon is this is a young man with his hands in the air, running from the officer, running away, and received six shots in the back that killed him.’ This is way beyond being woke. I have gone from no respect for him to complete disrespect. This is shameful. Jason, thanks for pointing this out as I don’t watch anything NBA anymore so absent your article I probably would have missed this.

    • Adam Silver needs to be asked in no uncertain terms what he makes of Popovich spreading divisive, intentional lies that deepen racial tensions in this country. And that constantly portray white Americans as bad and/or stupid people. Popovich, meanwhile, must answer for his willful mendacity.

  4. Greg Popovich’s is a symptom of a wider NBA problem. He’s a bully to the reporters that cover the Spurs but the moment he spews out this garbage. The bullied reporters are there to lick it up and praise Popovich. The biggest lie the NBA is telling is social justice. I have a couple of real questions for Mr.Silver and Popovich. Is Chinese money worth selling out America? Are you for slavery cause China and Nike sure seem to be? I got a brilliant plan. Any products made by slave labor in China should be banned. Change my mind

    • It’s not just the Spurs reporters being bullied.
      It’s the majority of woke NBA media who fall in line with Popovich, Kerr, Stan Van Gundy and now most of the NBA.
      The coaches might be held hostage by their players, fearing mutiny if they challenge the BLM roots or the “systemic racism” slander.
      But the NBA reporters fancy themselves SJWs and advocate-journalists. This fills them up with meaning to cover something besides silly bouncing balls. They no longer ask hard questions of those they cover.

  5. I like your article and agree. I think the past I would like to hear more about is how do we come to a point where things are more about what is in front of us and the black community. How can we shape America in a way that gives the black community something to look forward to and equalize opportunity? I would love to see a conservative group come to the table with some ideas to mobilize those communities in a positive way and maybe get away from the “rearview mirror” thinking these woke people are so hung up on.

  6. So why doesn’t someone have the balls to put their hand up and call Popovich out on this? Sorry for the inconvenient truth where facts overrule a made up narrative as pointed out so succinctly in the post above by JW. I don’t care who POP is or how much he’s won or the status he holds. He’s full of shit and needs to be called out. Shame on all of us who hear this crap and don’t say a word. Being famous does not insulate you from having to tell the truth or whats worse, as demonstrated here by the illustrious Coach Pop, simply lying about. I call Bullshit on you Coach. Anyone else care to join me???

  7. No one will call Pop out on this because the LEFT is dishonest and hypocritical..Check out the NYT hit piece on Sen Cotton..No Antifa here..Then .. a full month later they admit Cotton was right.

  8. I greatly respect you for being so honest and willing to change based on the facts over the last couple of years. I had my own epiphany later in life on these awful “nation building ” wars we insisted on getting involved. How many of our kids were killed and crippled with no plan or exit strategy. I’m a right wing guy but finally noticed the neo-con’s children were not exactly in the front lines! As for Pop and the NBA , down deep they know they’re lying, but are in so deep that they have passed the point of no return. They are backed into a corner and are defending the indefensible. Sad to watch an iconic business destroy itself. Isn’t Liberalism swell!

  9. Jason, Preach! It’s like the fake story lines up so well with Cops scowering the streets for target practice on unsuspecting blacks that who cares if the story is BS. Popovich like Kerr and a vast majority of liberal NBA players are miserable people. It’s a hate fest. NBA commissioner Klink said as much. And while we are talking about Klink how did he become the greatest league head of all time.
    Donald Sterling. Please – who wouldn’t have broomed him from the league.
    China. I’ll tape egg rolls to the side of my head when the word “justice” is uttered.
    Women. Don’t really rate. Ask Marc Cuban.
    A. Silver the best. End of discussion. Don’t bother with facts it’s all what they say it is.

  10. He’s just another useful idiot facts don’t matter he really is a special kind of stupid always looks pissed and hateful spouting off about our President really a pathetic human being. Thank You Jason for this article much needed and spot on!

  11. Great advice I received a few years ago, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them”. We have all seen who Popovich is, he is a rude, arrogant, mean spirited person. Yesterday while watching the PGA I briefly flipped over to the NBA to avoid a commercial, and caught a look at Popovich scowling under his dust mask. He looked as ornery and miserable as I’ve ever seen him. This is a phenomenon among secular liberals, they are just angry, all the time, for no logical reason. And they can’t wait to tell you why you should be as angry and miserable as them.

  12. Whitlock, I have mad respect for you. It takes a big man to admit his mistakes, but it takes a true leader to admit them in public. I only hope that others like you (in the prominent, public eye) can look and see who you are and what you’re about and aspire to the same. The fact that you can take what you’ve learned and talk about it and share about it is really a gift. Thank you for sharing yourself with Outkick and the country.

  13. Sorry Jason, but I disagree. This explains everything about Popovich. He’s an unread, delusional, cynical angry clown who doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about save for X’s and O’s on a chalkboard.

  14. Jason years ago I used to be the biggest Spurs Fan. I followed them because of my fondness for David Robinson, who is a Christian and a man who supports our military. I appreciated what Greg Popovich did as a coach and a motivator, but never heard much “stir” from him unless it involved making the team better. Some time ago, I decided I sadly am no longer a Spurs fan because of the “comments” made by Coach Pop. He has such distain for our current President he “spews” over at every chance. Such a shame to know such a great coach, has “ruined” basketball for me!

  15. Let’s keep it all the way real here: Pop sees black people as inferior and portrays himself as the defender of downtrodden black folks when in reality he knows that the more he plays this role, the more top level black players will want to come and play for him. Him and Kerr are not slick.

  16. Thank you Jason Whitlock! The Michael Brown LIE is perpetuated by a willing media, democrat politicians and woke jackasses like Pop. There is no doubt they know the truth, but keep repeating this lie over and over. Why do they want black people angry and resentful? If this systemic racism exists, why do they need to lie about irrefutable facts? The answer is actually simple- power and money. Keep minorities unhappy and make them believe they are oppressed and kept down by the other guys and they will keep blindly voting and supporting them…….. it is sickening to watch, but hopefully your voice and others like you break through!

  17. Facts do NOT matter to liberals, only the ability to continually have people remain in a victim status matters to them. If there are no victims, liberals realize they lose all their power. Great article, thanks Jason!

  18. Pop is likes to up the volume to grasp attention. The way he bullies reporters is just the tip of the iceberg of how intellectully superior he feels toward others. Facts don’t matter, the attention that his amplification gets is what gives him his jollies.

  19. Not sure how I survived before Jason Whitlock’s Outkick Columns. The last few months are a blur.

    I’m lost. I love sports. Basketball has been in my top 5 most of my life. I lived for Bird vs Magic in the playoffs. Michael Jordan elevated my interest to watch regular season games when he was playing. It felt like ‘can’t miss’ competition. Not anymore.

    And I kept much of my interest until all this SJW bs and LeBron and Popovich and Kerr screwed things up.

    It feels like I am being left behind by the NBA. And people I rooted for, like the San Antonio Spurs, are telling me not to like basketball for being just basketball anymore.

    I didn’t leave basketball, they, and Coach Pop left me.

  20. Good column Jason. New member here. It’s not just Popovich spouting the false narrative – a certain Presidential candidate (who happened to be VP when this occurred) also tweeted about Michael Brown on the 6-year anniversary.

    • SadBengalsfan, after reading your comment I checked Biden’s twitter, and sure enough, there was the comment you referenced. The democratic party and the NBA are willing to destroy the country just to get rid of Trump. And Popovich in particular is a disgrace of a human being. He is capable of any lie if he thinks it hurts Trump. If more children are murdered in lawless cities and riots which he helps start, he probably won’t mind, so long as he helps promote a narrative that he thinks hurts Trump. I stopped watching the NBA and Popovich is probably the biggest reason. His hypocrisy is on par with that of Malcom “crocodile tears” Jenkins

  21. NBA is moving at breakneck speed to become even more a niche, dare I say fringe league. It will appear bigger and more popular than it is for some time due to endless discussions on yak shows. A twitter like falseness. One year it’s what so and so wore to the postgame wrap, to how American blows. It’s the only sport I can think of where everything is combed over except the games themselves.
    I think going nowhere losers latch onto the message of the NBA but are in no way watching the product. Can you think of another sport where players don’t care about playing, hate the country and bitch you won’t be missed as a viewer.

    • You make a great point, PenGlenn…about NBA becoming a niche fringe league. Kids are always gonna relate b/c their heroes dunked in someone’s face, or hit a tre from downtown. The millennials and Gen-Xers aren’t watching sports like their parents would kick back in a man cave or with family and friends on a weekend. Even Marc Cuban knows that and he’s worried. Here’s hoping you’re prophetic lol.

  22. I think you are giving popovich too much credit:::: he has been fluffed so many years for being intelligent and thoughtful: Any criticism he just rants and gives angry stAres. Don’t think he he has strained his brain in quite some time.

  23. Another great article Jason,I joined a couple of weeks ago because I wanted to pay for your outstanding work.I live in San Antonio was a season ticket holder for the first 15 years and supporting fan until last year when Pop became tiresome in his rants.My only support of Spurs this season has been posting the comment Time for Pop to move to his Wine Plantation in California,in our horrible online edition of the local paper.

  24. Great article, Jason. Someone should ask Popovich, face to face, if minority shop owners matter. Like the one who was pushed around by the “gentle giant” Brown, who had just shoplifted from his store. Perhaps show him the store surveillance video where Brown towers over, shoves, then turns around to intimidate the shopkeeper before walking out. Ask Popovich if THIS is the person he wishes to make a martyr of, solely because of the color of his skin? That used to be called shameless racial patronizing…perhaps the worst kind of racism…instead of the media-approved sermon of a woke basketball coach.

  25. Nail on the head – big time – Jason… Thank you for being one of the very few to speak truth!

    Popovich, Kerr, Lebron are pathetic DEEP STATE SWAMP MONSTER HYPOCRITES.
    I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they are subsidized by Soros…

  26. Jason,

    “We ascribe good intentions to liberals. We’ve been programmed to believe their mistakes are the result of unintended consequences. I used to think that way. Now I don’t.”

    This hits the nail on the head, and I agree wholeheartedly with this premise based on what we’re witnessing unfold. I don’t think we are dealing with a lack of information or understanding here, because we must assume informed people like Pop also know the facts if he’s taking time to read up on racial events in North Carolina. My assertion is that his ilk aren’t in need of more facts; they have disdain for the facts if the facts conflict with their personal perspective. As Biden said, “Truth over facts!” That’s actually their oxymoronic rally cry. I’m afraid we are dealing with intolerant, close mindedness from these radical leftists. If we started calling it what it is then maybe it would shake them out of their own personal safe spaces to realize the ignorant damage they’re doing to America by spouting factually incorrect stupidity.

    I enjoy your articles. Thanks!

  27. Let’s stop trying to get into the heads of liberals. It’s a waste of time. Trust what they say is what they believe. The motive is irrelevant as the intent is always destructive in some way – to culture, to law and order to inanimate objects, what have you. The remedy is to call them out on their shit, as forcefully and publicly as possible, and move on to the next one.

    If you want to dig at the root, take back the education system.

  28. I’m waiting for the revenues and salary cap in the NBA to take a deep swoon soon. They’ll excuse it away by talking about the virus shutdown, the four months of nothing that they gave their fans and then the broken habits of not watching sports for so long or being asked to watch in August and September. They will IGNORE ENTIRELY the politics they imposed on their league and their customer base, and they’ll be flummoxed when ticket sales and TV ratings don’t snap back. Nice lesson for them to learn, and they need to learn it hard. (Also: the NBA now has more than just China to apologize for. It’s owners, coaches and players openly lying to further their left-serving agenda.)

  29. This article and hundreds more are exactly why JW is my favorite writer period! Not just sports but writer of any kind. I miss you on SFYS! I still watch occasionally but I watched everyday when it was your show! Very few have the bravery to stand up and tell the truth!

  30. Talcum X is pure genius. I am proclaiming Jason the “prose laureate” of American culture. When you combine unbridled courage, original thinking, and creative genius with writing mastery, you get Jason Whitlock. Thank God and Clay for bringing Jason to the burgeoning Outlook audience.

  31. Since the return of sports, besides Golf and NASCAR, I haven’t watched any MLB and NBA games.

    Yesterday, I went to in-laws house and my father-in-law had on the Lakers game. I was shocked to see “black lives matter” printed on the court and on the back of the player’s jerseys. The coaches were also wearing a patch on their shirt that said “coaches against racial injustice”.

  32. Sorry to disagree with you Jason but I don’t believe Pop is not willfully ignorant. I don’t think he is lacking knowledge or awareness, he is a liar. I believe he knows the truth but chooses to spout these lies, for what purpose, I don’t know.

  33. I remember Obama preaching about the racism involved in this incident after he knew what was in the FBI report. That’s when I decided Obama and the democrat party still wanted to use race to divide the people and a way to keep power.

  34. When I first came across “Outkick the Coverage”, I was impressed with Clay Travis. When I found he and Whitlock were teamed up, I was thoroughly convinced to join Outkick. I’ve been a fan of Whitlock for years. This was, as usual for Whitlock, a great piece, and spot on at every level.

  35. Part of it is simply $$. Mark Cuban drives the same narrative. They have to pander to their players or the players and compliant media will have their head’s and their jobs / businesses. You must comply….stand and hold hands or you will be shunned and isolated in the NBA.

    It’s analogous to the Communist party in the old Soviet Union and China now. You either join and cheer the Communist Party or you will get nowhere fast. Now it’s seeped into the sports media…which is why we’re all here….including Whitlock

  36. I always thot ‘Who, What, When, Where and Why’ were the questions the public wanted the answers to from the media. It seems that now, the media just wants to satisfy the snowflake’s hunger for what they want to hear. Pop and the other fake and ignorant ‘politicians’ in sports should simply shut up about things they have zero credibility in. JW – thanx for keeping people informed.

  37. Not only did Michael Brown not have his hands up, he committed a crime that lead to his encounter with Darren Wilson.

    No one covering the Spurs or the NBA will ever question Popovich about about his baseless opinions, because to do so would make them seem “unwoke” and they would be frozen out of the locker room and eventually lose their job.

  38. I am not trying to name drop here but Pop is one of the most arrogant and rude humans i have ever met. He came and did a coaching clinic in my country and was a total ass. He was what he acuses all us Americans of being . Arrogant ,rude and a diva. He spends time talking about Trump and his supperters being an embarasment to our country. Please sir, check yourself Pop.

  39. Talcum X….love it! It`s amazing the fraud that`s connected with everyone attached to this, especially Popovich. I`m not sure which he`s better at: lying or drowning in his own white guilt. The part that REALLY gets me is what he`s doing, then goes and actually stands for the national anthem.
    Pick a side, Pop! If your going to act like this, get off our side and get on your knee…..or both 🙂
    Another great piece, JW!

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