Greg Gutfeld on Trump’s Hospitalization: Media Will Really Miss Trump

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Reactions are pouring in since the news broke that President Donald Trump, who tested positive for coronavirus, is traveling to Walter Reed Medical Center.

Live on The Five, Greg Gutfeld asked the succinct question we are all asking: “Can 2020 get any more 2020?”

“I feel like there’s a bar somewhere and 1349 A.D. is sitting on a barstool and bragging about how the plague wiped out half of European politicians,” Gutfeld started. “And there is this other year, 2020, sitting in the corner saying, ‘Oh yeah? Hold my beer.'”

So true. This year.

Later in the segment, Gutfeld raised another interesting question: “What happens to [the media] if we don’t hear from Trump for a few days?”

Gutfeld is correct. Trump’s tweets alone fill entire TV segments. Trump has not tweeted in 16 hours.

We at Outkick are sending our best wishes to President Trump and the First Lady.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

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    • Dude, stop. There are no serious people saying it ‘doesn’t exist’. Reasonable people are saying it’s statistically not scary and all other considerations shouldn’t be forsaken in vain attempts to ‘save lives’. Big difference.

    • How did a corona bro get in here? The virus is real, if you are under 70 99.4% chance you live. Trump over 70 stats slip to 95% because of NY, NJ, MI stats but it’s still real. God forbid something happens to Trump but does anyone not think of the 4 candidates Pres/VP Pence is the only adult

    • C’mon guy. Don’t step outside. You’ll melt. The same people saying Covid doesn’t exist are the white supremacists that keep getting brought up. There’s like 12 of them. Stay in your lane pal.

    • Dude, Are you seriously this stupid? First, people on the right are not denying the wuhan chinese virus exists, we just don’t think it needs to be spun into fear porn like you CNN whackos do. Secondly, this will barely affect DJT to any major extent. He is healthy enough to ride it out, and if it does gat nasty he has the best health care available. All of your ilk are going to be seriously disappointed when he does not expire.

    • There are people who’ve denied or claimed it’s created / fabricated by China / Democrats) for months. I suppose you can claim they’re all trolling. I wish the fire challenge and all the other stupid shit that people do was trolling. The reality is that some people have delusion disorder. They believe anything as long as it twists a narrative against whatever politician / party they don’t like. Just like people who believe our country is as racist now as it was back in the 1800s. Not real.

      I prefer Trump to Biden. That said, neither man will ruin the country. The only way that happens is if people keep doing stupid shit. Athletes damage their leagues. Protestors are burning cities. Everything is over-politicized. I’m not gonna go on…you get the point.

      There are people rejoicing over this news (e.g. ex-Obama staffer). That is insane. There are too many people live in deluded realities. They’re dragging the normal people (which, honestly, is the vast majority of the population) with them. It only takes a handful to ruin it for everybody.

  1. This country has too many idiots on both sides of the spectrum. These people are bound to have a violent collision. We’ve already seen it with the riots that have gone on for months now. Trump dying would have a nuclear reaction. I don’t think it will happen but fuck it’s 2020 so I’m not dismissing it altogether. I’m already concerned about the response to a close election.

    And no…January 2021 isn’t going to magically solve anything. This hatred will breed long term.

  2. First thing, Trump is not dying. His doctor said he was doing great today with no fever. Second, who is denying Covid exists? There’s an argument about how deadly it is (depending on age), but not existence. Third, you sound like Chris Wallace worried about white supremacists and the fringe right rising up. These groups are a grain of sand compared to BLM, Antifa and their supporters. Out of all the mass destruction that has occurred what fringe right group contributed? I’ll agree with one point. A close election could be chaotic, but I’m only concerned with the already proven agents of anarchy from the radical left.

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