Greg Gutfeld Crushes Megan Rapinoe With Epic Monologue: ‘It’s Victimhood’

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Greg Gutfeld cut loose on Megan Rapinoe with a must-watch monologue.

Rapinoe has been all over the news lately making unhinged comments and playing the victim card like it’s going out of style.

Nobody plays the victim role better than the millionaire soccer team. She’s such a victim that she’s become one of the most famous women in the country. Must be tough. Must be very tough.

Her latest antics included endorsing men in women’s sports now that she’s retiring and then alleging during a TIME interview that Dave Chappelle, comedy, Sage Steele and Martina Navratilova are responsible for violence against transgender people.

Did she provide a single example? Did the reporter press her? Nope, and Gutfeld has seen enough.

Greg Gutfeld destroys Megan Rapinoe.

The Fox News star unloaded Wednesday night and didn’t hold back at all while tearing into the USWNT player.

“It’s victimhood. Only in America today could people who are richer, more pampered and more celebrated than you are claim to be victims of the rest of us,” the popular TV host said during the opening, and it was off to the races from there.

Gutfeld said the following, in part (via Fox News):

Well, Megan, it is happening. Trans are clobbering women in sports, literally. It’s not our fault if you can’t read or operate a smartphone, but she’s right in one respect. No one cares about women’s sports as much as we care about fairness or line cutting, which is what men who say they’re women are doing. The line to the winner’s circle is always shorter if you’re a dude playing women’s sports. Tennis legend Martina Navratilova, backhanded Rapinoe’s hysterics with a single word, “Yikes….” She’s an eloquent woman, and again, a reminder, she once called me an “asswhipe.” So, you know, she’s smart. Call me Martina.

Rapinoe also claimed, “Dave Chappelle making jokes about trans people directly leads to violence, whether it’s verbal or otherwise, against trans people.” Of course, the Time reporter didn’t push back. You would think a major journalistic outlet would ask Rapinoe one simple question: What violence are you talking about? But like people who find me unattractive, they’re nowhere to be found.

So where are the stats? I guess that’s a tough follow-up question reserved for only Republicans, but is there evidence that debating this topic has somehow led to mass violence against trans people? Or is that claim just meant to shut down the debate? Is there some database that we don’t know about? Is it one of those secret ones Merrick Garland has that compiles instances of White supremacy and parental terrorism? Maybe it’s in the file with the White House cocaine test results, Jeffrey Epstein’s visitor lists and Joe Biden’s cognitive tests. The truth is, as it so often is the reverse. When biological men, people we used to simply call men, participate in women’s sports, it’s the women who get hurt. Well, men, too, if you count the gamblers who put their money down on the women.

You can watch his full monologue below. It’s absolutely worth your time.

Gutfeld is 100% correct.

Gutfeld, OutKick and a small handful of other people have had the guts to say what many people are thinking:

Megan Rapinoe’s opinions are unhinged and shouldn’t be endorsed as rational thoughts. She’s a true coward.

Now that her soccer career is coming to a close, she has absolutely no problem with biological men coming in and destroying the sport.

Why didn’t she hold that opinion six years ago? The answer is obvious. She’d be out of a job if men were allowed to just invade women’s soccer. Her career would be over in an instant. Now that she’s retiring, she doesn’t have anything to worry about.

Megan Rapinoe loves playing the victim role. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

Megan Rapinoe should be ashamed of her comments about Dave Chappelle and Sage Steele.

Furthermore, Rapinoe blamed Dave Chappelle and Megan Rapinoe for violence against trans people. You better bring some serious evidence if you’re going to make that claim.

Of course, she has none, but that didn’t stop Rapinoe from making the claim. It’s absolutely shameful and disgusting. If TIME had a spine the interview would have been stopped until Rapinoe drilled down on her evidence.

Instead, she faced no resistance but her message was clear: You’re directly responsible for trans violence if you support women or laugh at jokes.

Welcome to your new normal.

Megan Rapinoe blamed Dave Chappelle for violence against transgender people. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

We have to stand up to insanity and rip woke insanity when we see it. We’ll never stop at OutKick, and it’s great to see Greg Gutfeld feels the same.

Written by David Hookstead

David Hookstead is a reporter for OutKick covering a variety of topics with a focus on football and culture.

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