Great White Shark Gets Serious Hang Time Off The Coast Of South Africa

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Originally posted on Reddit, this video of what experts say is a great white shark getting solid air off the coast of Mossel Bay, South Africa, should serve as a reminder that you should never go for a dip off the coast of Mossel Bay in water deep enough for white sharks.

The experts also say that’s a bait seal being used by videographers to trick the shark into losing its mind over a meal. It’s like putting a box of 50 wings & endless draft beers in front of a fat guy and telling him to go to town. Then he bites into the wings and finds out they’re vegan tofu wings and he’s washing it all down with non-alcoholic beer. Huge letdown and it’ll make a shark (or fat guy) fight back the next time.

Don’t be surprised when one of these sharks eats a videographer or a fat guy takes out his frustration on a buffet.

Interested in getting a cage and having an up close and personal visit with the sharks? says it’ll give you a voucher for a return trip if you don’t see a great white while in a cage. A dive (no technical skills required) costs 1600 ZAR which equals around $91 dollars:

Once the sharks are around the boat and comfortable with the boat the cage will be dropped into the water and attached to the side of the boat. You do not need any experience in diving or to do the shark cage diving as this is a simple surface dive and non-technical. The first 6 divers will climb down into the cage for their close encounter to begin. All divers are instructed where to position their hands and feet and what to do when the sharks are around the cage.

Are you looking to go see the Mossel Bay sharks sky out of the South Atlantic Ocean? It’s a 4 1/2 hour drive east of Cape Town. Put it on your bucket list, but don’t forget I warned you these sharks are pissed over being baited by fake seals.

Mossel Bay, South Africa

Written by Joe Kinsey

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