Great Britain Demands Spies Admit White ‘Privilege,’ Use Gender-Neutral Pronouns

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Europe faces its worst crisis since World War II following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Yet one European country has other concerns.

On Thursday, the Daily Mail published leaked documents showing British intelligence agencies urging its spies to acknowledge their white privilege and promote gender-neutral pronouns immediately.

The outlet described the documents as follows:

A leaked guide to improving diversity and inclusion in the security services suggests that agents avoid gendered terms such as ‘manpower’.

Spies are also advised against such words as ‘strong’ and ‘grip’ which can ‘reinforce dominant cultural patterns’. And they are encouraged not to speak on all-male panels.

In the document – entitled Mission Critical – the chiefs of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ extol the virtues of diversity and inclusion, saying both are vital in keeping the country safe.

No one shall dare mess with a country that has diverse spies who are unsure of their genders.

The report says that Sir Stephen Lovegrove, the U.K.’s national security adviser, was the man to approve the guidance. Sir Stephen knows the value of wokeness.

The toolkit also encourages intelligence officers to read a list of books about equity, including Kimberlé Crenshaw’s book on critical race theory. Crenshaw is a UCLA professor who calls white people racist. Now she’s required reading for British officers.

That will show the terrorists.

Another section demanded that British spies “consider the impact of phrases that can have negative connotations or dehumanise others.”

‘Try not to define an individual or group by what makes them different. If you need to talk about an individual or group, choose adjectives over nouns.

‘Instead of ‘Asians’, try ‘Asian people’, ‘people of Asian heritage’ or specify a region or country. Instead of ‘the disabled’, try ‘people with disabilities’ and ‘people with mental health conditions’ over ‘the mentally ill’.

A UK spokesman concludes that these guidelines are “fundamental to the national security of the UK.”

Ahh. So this is why no one respects the UK. Just look at its intelligence agencies.

These spies ought to toss these useless guidelines into the river by the time I post this story.

Written by Bobby Burack

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