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Are you guys ready for some late winter/early spring college football?

No. 5 South Dakota State and No. 3 Northern Iowa get things rolling tonight at 8 ET on ESPN+. It’s going to be single digits in Cedar Falls, Iowa, but the game will be played indoors at the temperature-controlled UNI Dome. You guys wanted spring football. Well, you’re getting it. Saturday, it’s the No. 2 team in the FCS, James Madison, opening its season at home against Morehead State. The No. 1 team, North Dakota State, plays Youngstown State Sunday at 3:30 on ESPN+ without quarterback Trey Lance, who already declared for the NFL Draft where he’ll be a 1st round pick.

And don’t forget the wild Fan Controlled Football League plays a doubleheader Saturday night on Twitch. That’s a bunch of football to prevent you from slipping into a coma and turning on the NBA. There should be no excuses out there from you guys this weekend.

• Remember the Texas mayor who told his people to toughen up after they started whining about the electricity going out? Remember how I said he’d be lit up by the blue checkmarks? Chris Cuomo of all people weighed in, calling for the guy to either resign or apologize. Chris seemed to miss the part where the mayor not only resigned, he also apologized and said he wouldn’t seek reelection. Now call on your brother to resign.

• I see 40-degree temperatures in the 7-day forecast. Folks, we’re about out of the dark. Football is back, the snow will soon melt, and we learned last night that our son’s elementary school will go back to its normal cafeteria schedule on March 1. That’s right, students will get to eat their lunch amongst their friends. Thank god we live in a district that has its head on straight.

• I touched on this with Clay this morning during my spot on the OutKick radio show. The Pro Football Hall of Fame is planning on having a full stadium for the August 5 Steelers-Cowboys game. Ohio is moving pretty fast right now with its reopening. Curfews have been lifted. Bars are now back to their normal hours. Minor league baseball stadiums are starting to sell tickets, and the Wall Street Journal is saying we’ll have herd immunity by April.

Let’s have a strong weekend. I wish nothing but the best to the people in Texas who are struggling to get water. Better days are ahead.

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  1. I decided to look at the twitter cesspool responding to Cuomo. Yup turns out you can still blame Trump for every covid death when it keeps getting pointed out about his bro putting infected people in nursing homes. By the way how many people has Biden personally killed with Covid since taking over?

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