Grayson Payne Is Laser Focused On Super Bowl LV, Titans Smart Car & ARod Wearing Air BBQs At The Park

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It’s officially Super Bowl weekend…time to buy meat, beer & gambling squares

“Are you OK?” my wife asked this morning when she came downstairs as I was furiously compiling this post. She was worried about me after I went to bed at 9:30 last night on my own, even defiantly telling her in a foggy haze of exhaustion that I was going to bed. To say that’s rare is an understatement. It’s something that happens about once every six months.

Why was last night a great chance to get that extra sleep? Because we’ve officially made it to Super Bowl weekend, and now it’s time to punish our bodies, minds and wallets. This weekend, I’ll create some type of busywork where I can drink a few beers, listen to college basketball in the background and dream of hitting a game-ending square on Super Bowl Sunday.

I’m thinking of splurging and making a nice tray of legitimate mac & cheese for the kids, Build Your Own Wrap Night, maybe even burgers on the grill Saturday in minus-20 windchills just so the neighbors get a hint of that glorious air as they’re pulling out of the driveway to sit in the Saturday Chick-fil A line.

• I need you guys to sit down before you read what I’m about to tell you. You’re going to agree with LeBron on something. He doesn’t think the NBA should hold an All-Star Game. HELL YEAH, BRON….WE’RE ALL IN AGREEMENT HERE!!!

• The Super Bowl get-in price on StubHub is $4,015. That’s insane. Tampa fans will never get an opportunity like this again in their lifetimes where they can grill up lunch and then head over to Raymond James to see Tom Brady play Mahomes for the Lombardi.

• You’re going to see ‘Jim Nantz to ESPN?’ headlines across the Internet today. Don’t be fooled. That’s a negotiating ploy. Nantz wants Tony Romo money, and Jim’s agent needs a fake bidder to force CBS’s hand. That’s how the game is played, fellas. Don’t bite.

• It sounds like couples making less than $100k a year will be getting $1,400 checks. You’ll soon know, via Facebook bitching, which married couples you know make less than $100k. Individuals making less than $50k would also get the checks.

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