Grandmother Ends Up In The Hospital After Eating Weed Laced Cupcakes During A Wedding Reception

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A grandmother in England woke up in the hospital after unknowingly eating weed laced cupcakes at a wedding. She was unconscious for 12 hours before finally waking up in the early morning hours the next day.

The 63-year-old grandmother, who wants to remain anonymous, and another wedding guest were taken to the hospital after eating the cupcakes during the reception. She says she was fine one minute then completely out of it the next.

Blurred photo of the grandmother who ingested weed laced cupcakes
Weed laced cupcakes will get ya. Image Credit: Stamp Out Spiking

The grandmother was so out of it her sister-in-law was close to administering CPR. She said about her run-in with the weed laced cupcakes, “My sister-in-law told me afterwards that she’d had trouble finding my pulse and that I was grey in color.”

“I was completely oblivious to what was going on until I woke up at 3am the following day at the hospital.”

Weed Laced Cupcakes are Here? Now it’s a Party

The cupcakes weren’t supposed to have the extra ingredient. Had she known they did have the extra ingredient the grandmother would have never eaten them.

White wedding cupcake cake decorated with pink flowers/Getty

“In-between the wedding and the reception, cupcakes were randomly placed on the table. Unbeknown to me, they contained drugs.

“Had I known that, I never would have touched one.”

People being taken to the hospital can ruin any wedding reception. This wedding reception was no different. However, guests were able to convince the newlyweds to resume the celebration.

Whoever was responsible for putting the weed in the cupcakes was never caught.

Having someone lace the cupcakes at the reception with weed is one way to ensure the wedding will be a memorable one. Everyone will either have a great time or grandmas will start making trips to the hospital.

In any case it’s an interesting way to start a marriage.

Written by Sean Joseph

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