Grandma Keeps Vials Of Whiskey In Her Cane

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You’re never too old to be the life of the party. Especially if you’re equipped with a cane that holds multiple vials of alcohol. A grandma revealed during a family gathering on Christmas Eve that her cane holds four vials of whiskey.

The best part of the reveal might be the fact that she was already two and a half vials of whiskey deep during it. The video has racked up more than 3.7 million views and includes the heading “Polish grandma with whiskey in her cane.”

Grandma Keeps Vials Of Whiskey In Her Cane
Grandma keeps whiskey in her cane (Image Credit: Abby Madlock)

The video features the grandma jokingly being confronted about her cane and its secrets. A woman’s voice, presumably the granddaughter, is heard saying, “Grandma, your cane has four things of whiskey in it?”

At this time the grandmother pulls out the last of the four vials with a big smile on her face. The granddaughter adds, “I am obsessed. I love it.”

After the big reveal she reloads her whiskey filled cane one vial at a time. She makes sure to put the empty vials in first so she has easier access to the ones that still have whiskey in them.

Whiskey Grandma Is My Kind Of Grandma

The granddaughter wasn’t the only one loving her grandmother’s cane. In fact, her general approach to living life was popular among those who showed up in the comments of the viral video.

The commenters were big fans and left messages that ranged from jokes about getting drunk on bingo night to giving people a reason to get old. She was labeled a legend and the “coolest granny ever.”

It’s hard to argue with those assessments. In the 20 second clip she proved to be much cooler than most blue haired old ladies with a cane. She’s certainly learned a thing or two during her time on the planet.

It wouldn’t be surprising to learn she needs the cane for after the vials of whiskey and not before.

Written by Sean Joseph

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