Gracie Hunt Uses Pool Photos To Celebrate NFL Season Nearing

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Gracie Hunt is hyped the NFL season is only a few months away.

Tuesday marked 100 days until the NFL season kicks off, and as you’d expect, hitting that point is something that gets people pretty fired up.

It’s barely more than three months before the Chiefs and Lions get things underway September 7. Well, Gracie Hunt is ready to roll and made that clear with a new Instagram post.

Gracie Hunt is ready for the NFL season to start.

The Kansas City Chiefs heiress has made a name for herself on social media by posting attention-worthy content, and the 100-day mark didn’t go unignored.

Hunt posted several pool shots to celebrate the Chiefs opening against an insurgent Lions team being only 100 days away.

Hunt is ready for the Chiefs to, once again, roll.

Now, as a Lions fan, I’m kind of conflicted here. On one hand, I recognize Hunt is a rising star in the NFL world and on the internet.

There’s no question about that at all. She’s blown up over the past couple years – especially since 2022 – and her presence is only growing stronger.

What’s good for Gracie Hunt is good for NFL fans online.

Gracie Hunt is excited the football season is just a few months away. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images for Gracie Hunt)

On the other hand, I’m a huge Lions fan and once week one rolls around, she’ll be the enemy. It’s not personal. It’s just business.

Is it fun she managed to go viral celebrating football barely being more than three months away? Sure, but let’s stay on target.

There are no allies on the gridiron. There’s your team and everyone else, and Hunt’s family owns the Chiefs. She’s not for anyone else and Lions fans should get it twisted. The entire Chiefs organization is the enemy as of September 7.

Chiefs Heiress Gracie Hunt In A String Bikini
Gracie Hunt continues to be a star online. (Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images)

However, everyone can remain friendly for now. That will change in a few months. That’s a guarantee.

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