Gracie Hunt Goes Diving With Sharks, Brande Roderick Throwbacks & Cases Of Busch Light Destroyed As Bud Light Boycott Rolls On

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The Dillon Brooks and LeBron James rivalry turns physical

The Memphis Grizzlies and Los Angeles Lakers first-round playoff series is quickly becoming the Dillon Brooks and LeBron James show.

Dillon Brooks is attempting to play the role of the villain and has almost done the impossible – made LeBron likeable. I say almost because there’s a lot to dislike about LeBron. Brooks’ trash talk, however, has been completely absurd.

The growing feud between the two turned physical during Game 3 on Saturday night. The Lakers jumped out to a 35-9 lead in the first quarter. They then coasted and the Grizzles were able to make it a 10 point game by the time the final buzzer sounded.

But in the third quarter, when it was still a blowout, Brooks decided he wanted to hit the showers a little earlier than his teammates. It’s tough to talk trash while getting destroyed so he took a pretty obvious shot at LeBron’s groin.

Play was stopped, LeBron was nursed back to life by the medical staff, and Brooks was ejected.

Brooks finished the night with just 7 points in 19 minutes. LeBron dropped 25, added 9 rebounds, and five assists to the stat sheet. More importantly the Lakers won the game and took a 2-1 series lead.

It’s safe to say Brooks ignored whatever was discussed during their low key pregame conversation. It’s also pretty safe to assume there will be more trash talk and love taps as this series continues.

If you want to trash talk you have to back it up. You can’t take a pregame talking to then go out and get smoked. You certainly can’t and then get yourself ejected.

That’s just a bad look all around. Although, Dillon Brooks knows a thing or two about bad looks.

We’re not alone!

Despite what Elon Musk says, we’re being visited by beings from other planets. The fact that he says there’s no evidence just means that there’s an increased chance that he’s one of the aliens.

Just days after Musk said there was no evidence, footage captured by Columbian pilot Jorge Arteaga surfaced on social media showing a large silver object flying at a high rate of speed. This was almost certainly piloted by little green men from another planet.

Or maybe it’s a balloon of some kind just floating in the sky and the plane flying by it gives the illusion that the silver object is moving.

Have a look at “the best UFO footage ever” and decide for yourself.

It’s a balloon of some kind isn’t it? Dammit Elon. You may have won this round, but we will find evidence of aliens and that you’re actually one of them who has taken the shape of a person.

Kansas man takes out a Walmart’s supply of Busch Light

A Walmart in Topeka, Kansas had their entire stock of Busch Light destroyed by a man who we can safely assume isn’t a fan of the whole Dylan Mulvaney-Bud Light ad campaign.

Who knows what happened to the store’s supply of Bud Light. It’s possible someone beat him to those cases of beer and already took them out.

What this man taught us is a couple of things. He might not fully grasp the concept of a boycott and any Anheuser-Busch product can catch these hands.

The man was arrested for covering the aisle in Busch Light. He could have simply walked into the store and grabbed himself a case or two of Miller Lite or Coors Light, paid for them and walked out.

But where’s the fun in that? For starters there aren’t any charges for simply buying beer and as far as we know that’s not going to put you in handcuffs either.

If you want to get a point across it better end with a handcuffed police escort to the backseat of a police car. That’s how you make a point.


I guess he didnt like the new buschlight cansπŸ˜‚πŸ’€#buschlight #fthepolice #walmart

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