Grab the Points and Hope with Kansas State

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Alabama vs. Kansas State, 12 ET

This isn’t exactly the game that Alabama thought that they’d be playing in for the last game of the season. Overall, this was pretty disappointing for them and they never really found their footing. Kansas State was one of the more surprising teams in the nation this year in my opinion. Them playing Alabama has to be a big deal for them.

I mentioned Alabama being disappointed in the season, and they should be. At 10-2 for the season, most teams would be happy but when you are annually expected to play in the National Championship game, this isn’t what Nick Saban or Crimson Tide fans want. A loss to Tennessee was tough, but Alabama was teetering on a loss all season to that point. Then, LSU decided to go for the kill at home on a 2-point conversion. It was successful and that put Alabama basically out of the conversation for the final four… until everyone else took themselves out and thrust Alabama back into the potential spot. Ultimately they fell just short and find themselves playing here. Bryce Young is playing in this game so Alabama should have everything they need to be successful.

Kansas State comes into the game as winners of the Big 12 Championship with a victory over third overall TCU. This was a tight game and one that went down to the wire seeing Kansas State pull out a victory in overtime. Aside from an early season loss to Tulane, they were really solid for most of the season. They lost one game to TCU during the regular season and also lost to Texas on the end of a tough stretch of games. Kansas State shouldn’t be scared to be in this game, but Alabama also isn’t one of those teams that you can just take for granted either. I expect both squads to come ready to play.

It always is said that Nick Saban can beat anyone if you give him a month to prepare, and that is basically what you’ve done here. The spread is kind of high, and I actually think Kansas State keeps this one close. They have played hard all season and with their offense are capable of scoring on an Alabama defense that is nowhere near as stingy as it has been in the past. I’ll take the 6.5 with Kansas State.

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Written by David Troy

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