Golfer’s Two-Stroke Penalty at The Masters Creating Divide on Social Media

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We all have a different way of looking at things, but those differing views can sometimes create a stir on social media. And no, I’m not talking about politics. I’m talking about what happened during the opening round of the Masters on Thursday.

Abraham Ancer was assessed a two-stroke penalty for grazing the sand in his backswing on Hole 15. He then took to Twitter to share a video of the penalty, and people’s opinions are all over the place on it.

First, there was the “this is ridiculous” crowd. And let’s be honest, this is the side with the majority of people.

Then there’s the “you cheated, rules are rules” crowd. Far less popular, but they’re sticking together.

And finally, there are the people such as Jared Keaton who aren’t getting involved in the back-and-forth. Instead, they’re bringing up the real controversy here.

Imagine being one of those people who doesn’t love The Masters. This is amazing content.

Ancer went from being 1-over and tied for No. 20 to 3-over and tied for No. 52 after the penalty, a sizable change in his board position. That’s a brutal way to start the weekend, but hopefully he can bounce back in Round 2.

If not, we riot … or we don’t. Either way.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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    • He didn’t graze the sand as he lined up. He did, however, push down twice with his club and flattened the sand before hitting. I didn’t see it the first time because I was looking for the backswing. It happens before the hit. And yes, it looked intentional to me!

  1. “You pressed the sand down prior to your backswing so it wouldn’t get between the club and the ball. You knew it. You got caught. Own it.”

    To the idiot who said this: Do you know how to hit a sand shot? You hit the sand before the ball. That sand was not in the way.

    To the point though, IMO yes it happened, yes it is the rule. If he ahd noticed he would have called it on himself.
    If this was sent in by someone watching, Really??? Get a Life dude!

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