Golfer Akshay Bhatia Sheds Clothes For Pair Of Shots At Honda Classic, Definitely Wasn’t Trying To Show Off His Physique

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Golfer Akshay Bhatia found himself in some mud at the Honda Classic at PGA National Resort & Spa and decided to go tarps off to keep from splattering some mud all over his clothes.

He did this twice and it was definitely not because he wanted to show off his physique.

Bhatia wound up having to hit one shot from the water on the sixth hole. No one would want to play the rest of the round with a soggy shirt, so he did the sensible thing and went tarps off

Despite trying to keep his clothes as neat as possible, there was enough collateral damage that Bhatia had to have his girlfriend bring him a fresh set of duds.

Bhatia had a knack for hitting the ball in some filthy areas on Saturday. Later on, he hit one into the deep mud of the course’s infamous “Bear Trap.”

Again, he was faced with a choice: leave his clothes on whittle down his weekend wardrobe even further? Or pop the top once again and save the clothes?

He chose the latter.

Was Bhatia Keeping Clean Or Flexing His Physique?

Bhatia is quick to rip his clothes off. Hell, he may have been finding the water and mud on purpose just to give fans a show. Why shouldn’t he? He’s in good shape. Dudes in good shape are supposed to find any possible excuse to rip their shirts off.

All I’m saying is that if he was rocking a beer gut and a set of man boobs, it would take a lot for him to strip down during a nationally televised golf tournament. Like the shirt would have to be caught in the jaws of an alligator or something (even then it would have to stay on until the last possible second).

Bhatia finished that round 4-over 76 which drew him even for the tournament. Hopefully, he packed enough clothing to get through the last day of the tournament.

Something tells me golf shirts at the PGA National Resort & Spa pro shop don’t come cheap.

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