Watch: Bryson DeChambeau Blasts Insane 400+ Yard Drive

While the rest of us were playing our power fades 265 in front of unimpressed cart girls, Bryson DeChambeau spends his time hitting 430 yard drives.

Seriously, it's not fair.

Sure, it was downhill, but who plays a fade 400 yards? Probably helps that Bryson decided to put on 30 pounds of muscle last offseason and currently looks like he plays defensive end for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Half of the golf world can't stand that this guy dominates the golf ball to Tour wins, but he honestly deserves it. He's put in the work that literally none of us (Tour guys included) are willing to put in.

Worth noting, Bryson DeChambeau might be the worst double date partner to Top Golf, ever. Talk about getting shown up...

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