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I finished off the Hemingway documentary & now I'm ready for The Masters

Here we go – multiple days of the most perfect grass in the world. The azaleas. The crisp white caddie paint suits. Of course the birds. The random sirens from the mean streets of Augusta. Fans walking around. Some random guy getting off to a hot start on Thursday which means he'll fade to the back of the pack on Friday, barely make the cut, and disappear on Saturday. Some old-timer (Phil?) will get hot and be up there with the big dogs and make us middle-aged guys remember the old days (2005 or so).

I've written in this space about my love for this event and that, for people in this part of Ohio, it signals the end of winter. This year we're three weeks ahead of the normal growing season, and it's going to be 80 for the fourth straight day. Still, there's something about Jim Nantz pumping out the prose on Sunday that tells me it's time to get summer rolling. I swear, Nantz reads off his final words in Butler's Cabin, & the hostas in my garden stand at attention. Every year.

Who's going to win it this year? Bryson DeChambeau, Dustin Johnson, Justin Thomas, Jon Rahm and Jordan Spieth roll into today's opening round as the favorites with Rory, Patrick Cantlay and Xander Schauffele close behind, while Sandy Lyle, 63, is still out there (in an unzipped windbreaker) using up his Masters exemption and is +100000 to win another jacket. I don't have a rooting interest. All I want to do is soak up that Masters sun through my LED and smile ear-to-ear Sunday when Nantz says "it's time" for DJ to help put a jacket on the winner so summer can officially get underway.

• By the way, the Hemingway finale left me fairly depressed by the way his final years played out. I'm actually surprised you're not hearing more from the #MeToo movement over canceling Ernest. It's like these people aren't even watching PBS this week.

The French military is testing out the Boston Dynamics robot dog in exercises at a top French military school. It appears the future of war will soon include these robots. No going back now.

• You guys ready for a new, low-cost airline to slum around on out west? Avelo plans to fly into smaller regional airports like Grand Junction, Eugene and Ogden. If you fly out of Burbank, this could be a cheap game-changer for you. Now show us the leg room!

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