Steelers Fan Battling Dementia Gets Chase Claypool Jersey, Mark Davis Never Changes & Is That Lane Kiffin?

Morning Screencaps is BACK to full strength!

The nerds at Facebook can try to put up roadblocks to the Caps photo embedding process, but Team OutKick developers are fully capable of finding workarounds to keep the ship afloat. As you can see below, the Instagram models are back with their inspirational quotes and their bows dialed in for deer season. It feels great to be back at full strength because IG is more than just the models. It's become home to all the ridiculous junk foods you'll be looking for at the grocery and home to all the beer/alcohol content.

If I learned anything over the last five days, it's that brands and fun social media accounts have moved away from Twitter. The best toilet material continues to be posted on Instagram, and it doesn't appear that's going to change anytime soon.

In baseball news, the Dodgers might've won the World Series, but they lost $125 million doing it, according to the NY Post. "The Tampa Bay Rays, by contrast, only drew 1.2 million fans in 2019 and had the 27th-highest payroll at $28 million. Accordingly, it’s clear that they lost far less money than the Dodgers," the Post reported.

Finally this morning, Florida Woman is in some serious trouble after making 42,000 Amazon returns using 31 different accounts over five years, police allege. Her take over those five years? More than $100,000. Seems like that's hard work over five years for just $100k and change. She could've gone to work as a Costco greeter and made more than that.

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