Phil Mickelson Shows Some Gamesmanship With Bryson DeChambeau

Phil Mickelson is known for his jokes and ribs, and now that we are a week away from the matchup between he and Tom Brady against Bryson DeChambeau and Aaron Rodgers, the gamesmanship has begun. At least on Michelson's end.

During a practice round, Mickelson stood on the back of a tee box watching DeChambeau tee off. He then very carefully reached into DeChambeau’s bag, pulled an 8-iron and bent it with his knee.

The act was posted to Twitter, and you can see the sly look on his face as he reaches into the bag, takes out the club, and puts his knee to it.

It was just Wednesday when Mickelson thought he drove his ball farther than DeChambeau.

The 51-year-old thought his ball might have been closer to the pin during a warmup round of Rocket Mortgage Classic, but it was not to be.

DeChambeau wasn't going to stand by and let Mickelson get away with a false claim, realizing his ball was actually closer.

“Oh is this not yours here?” Mickelson asked DeChambeau. It wasn’t. “See, that’s my problem. I speak too soon. You got me so excited.”

“Yeah and I mishit mine, too, so…” Dechambeau said.

“No, no, no,” Mickelson said. “Oh my goodness. I hammered that, too.”

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