PGA Player Impact Program Could Incentivize Brooks Koepka To Keep Poking At Bryson

The feud between Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau is obviously good for golf ratings, despite how you feel about it. So what if I told you these two are milking this feud for a fat check at season's end? Well, now that's exactly what I'm telling you because the PGA Player Impact Program incentivizes this type of engagement.

Players receive a bonus at the end of the year for their overall "popularity" at the conclusion of the season, and what better way to accomplish that than an internet feud?

Brooks and Barstool's Dave Portnoy are poking fun at DeChambeau, claiming he was "living in Koepka's head rent free." It looked like Bryson was taking a hard L already, but then we had the fiasco of Bryson's caddy having fans ejected for yelling "Brooksie."

DeChambeau claims he's unfazed, yet his actions tell a different story. But what if he's pretending to get destroyed by Brooks to draw traffic online and money at season's end?

I'm willing to bet my last dollar that's what we're seeing.

Brooks was asked about the feud with Bryson

"I get the traditionalists who don’t agree with it. I understand that, but I think to grow the game, you’ve got to reach out to the younger generation,” he said to the media Wednesday morning. "I don’t want to say that’s what this is, but it’s reaching out to a whole bunch of people. It’s getting golf in front of people. I think it’s good for the game.”

Either way you slice it: Brooks vs. Bryson is good for the sport of golf because we're talking about it. Get paid, fellas.