Paige(views) Spiranac Is Now Throwing Around Divot Rules Change Ideas

You're dayum right I'm going to recap the Arnold Palmer Invitational by addressing the rules change idea floated by one of the greatest golf thinkers of our time -- Instagram golf model Paige Spiranac. She exploded Sunday night when Lee Westwood's drive on No. 18, while one stroke behind Bryson DeChambeau, landed in a divot at Bay Hill.

"YOU SHOULD GET FREE DROPS FROM DIVOTS IN THE FAIRWAY," Paige(views) screamed from the Twitter rooftop, as Westwood did what he could out of the divot to get himself in a position to birdie 18 and force a playoff. The playoff never happened, and MeatChambeau has himself another win.

Look, it shouldn't come as a shock that Paige would think such a rule should exist. She plays in all sorts of pro-ams and charity events where people are lofting balls, dragging balls out of divots, hitting breakfast balls, counting gimmes from eight feet out, etc.

Maybe it's me, but integrity in the greatest integrity game in the world has gone out the door. Golfers are shooting double-bogey, but it's par by the time they get done creating all sorts of psychological rules to make it appear they don't shoot 96s, 97s and 98s.

That's why I'm calling on #wedontcheat2021. Have some integrity out there. Count the shot that went into the woods when you enter scores on the Grint app. Count that missed putt when the cart girl giggles three holes over. Hit out of the divots like the pros.

You absolutely shouldn't get a drop out of a fairway divot, especially on the PGA Tour. Challenge yourself in 2021. Even when you're drunk, count 'em all. Leave a true historical record behind of just how great you were at the game. Stop lying and remember, #wedontcheat2021.


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