Michael Block Filmed A Hilariously Cheesy Commercial For His Home Golf Club 10 Years Ago And It's Everything You Want It To Be

Michael Block (or is it Mike Block, that's still not been made clear) became the story of the 2023 PGA Championship. He won the hearts of America by competing against the best in the world, even though he's not a professional golfer -- at least not in the sense of the guys on the PGA Tour.

Then, he made a hole-in-one Sunday and just completely took over the crowd. I don't think I've ever heard a roar like the one Block received when he dunked that ace on 15.

And thanks to finishing in a tie for 15th place, he earned exemption into next year's PGA Championship.

But with newfound fame comes resurfaced video. Thankfully for Block, it's nothing that's going to get him canceled. But an old TV commercial for the golf club where he's the head pro, Arroyo Trabuco, stars block.

It's exactly what you'd expect: a super cheesy local TV ad. And it stars Block from about 10 years ago. Needless to say, he seems a lot different. But, the commercial is really funny in that cringey sort of way.

So much to break down here. First, the commercial is terrible. But that's almost what makes it good.

And you know all about that O'Neill's clubhouse restaurant if you watched ESPN's PGA Championship coverage. Scott Van Pelt mentioned the restaurant no less than a dozen times.

Arroyo Trabuco is about to be a super popular golf club thanks to Michael Block and the PGA Championship

Talk about great advertising. In fact, Arroyo Trabuco is getting all kinds of advertisement right now. Who doesn't want to belong to the same club as Michael Block?? Maybe even take a lesson from him? You know his phone's going to be ringing off the hook to make appointments for lessons.

It's going to cost Michael Block some money tonight after that ace. As is customary, the guy who makes the hole-in-one has to treat the bar to a round. And, PGA Champion Brooks Koepka certainly isn't letting Block off the hook.

But at O'Neill's, Block probably never has to buy a drink again. After what he did for that course and those people?


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