Kevin Na And Dustin Johnson Get Into Heated Exchange During WGC-Dell Match Play

Dustin Johnson had about a six inch putt to halve the hole with Kevin Na during WGC-Dell Matchplay, which normally would be picked up for a "gimmie". Apparently Na said...nah.

You can actually hear the tail-end of the exchange on video! Watch:

No offense to Kevin, but this is Dustin Johnson you're talking to. It's always refreshing to see passion and sometimes competitiveness spiraling into exchanges like these, though. I've never witnessed any player force the best golfer in the world to putt out a six inch putt. Ever.

Na even shows DJ how close that putt was with his hand, yet he still had the audacity to tell him it's not a gimmie 'til he concedes? We give these putts to our friends, and now Dustin Johnson is expected to ask for permission? Feel he's earned the right to pick up at that length. If he was being cocky from three or four feet, then sure, I guess I could sympathize with Na's point.

Either way, Kevin Na is a fan favorite and hopefully him and DJ can talk this out. The hot weather seems to be getting to everyone...

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