Jon Rahm Sinks One Of The Craziest Aces You'll Ever See At The Masters, His Second Hole-In-One Of The Week

Jon Rahm has not one but two hole-in-ones this week during Masters practice rounds, including a skipper on No. 16 that will go down as one of the more improbable aces in Augusta National history. Rahm's first hole-in-one of the week came Monday when he drained on No. 4, a 230-yard shot

"Here’s to hoping it happens again later this week!," Rahm wrote on Instagram Monday. Rickie Fowler, recording Rahm picking the ball out of the cup, says Rahm-bo used a five iron on that 230-yard shot.

Then, today, Rahm stepped up to No. 16 and skipped one across for the another ace and an incredible start to his 2020 Masters week. Today also happens to be his 26th birthday.

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