John Daly Says He Chugged Crown Royal Before Beating Pal Tiger Woods

It was never easy to beat Tiger Woods in his prime, and if you dared to think you could, you probably needed a little liquid courage to keep that confidence going.

Hey, it worked for John Daly, who relayed a story about the Target World Challenge back in the early 2000s.

Daly and a few others were throwing back some Crown Royal when Woods walked nearby. Daly told Woods to join the fun. Woods declined, saying he preferred to hit some balls.

"Two hours later, he comes back…. ‘Hey, you gonna have a drink with us now?’" Daly said he asked. "He goes, ‘Nah I’m gonna go get my gym shorts on and go work out.'

"Three hours later, he comes back, I’m into my third bottle of Crown. I’m wasted. We’re all just wasted, but we’re having a good time.”

Woods suggested to Daly that perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to be "wasted," given that Daly's sponsors were nearby to watch him play.

The next day, as Daly tells it, Daly and Woods were paired together. Daly was hungover -- bad. But he still managed to beat Woods by six strokes.

“He’s looking at me the whole day, I got drinks coming down, people bringing me drinks on the golf course," Daly said. "I was just making him think they were drinks.”

What were actual drinks were the six Miller Lites that Daly said he downed in a later tournament when paired with Woods. Yeah, 18 holes and six beers.

Watch Daly's full interview with son John Daly II below.