John Daly Enjoys A Smoke & The Augusta Hooters Girls

While Tiger and The Masters participants were busy Thursday playing 18 across the street at Augusta National, John Daly was back in his element at Hooters slinging hats, shirts, autographs, and heaping praise on the Hooters Girls while enjoying a smoke.

55-year-old Big John, who hasn't played in The Masters since 2006 when he missed the cut, typically sets up shop in front of his RV in the Hooters parking lot, but this year it seems as if he's been moved into a tent due to weather concerns.

The weather definitely didn't stop the bad boy of golf from cranking up the fun, especially with the Hooters Girls.

"I told @pga_johndaly he was a badass… he said I was too😎," quipped Hooters Girl Madalyn Grace on Instagram.

It wasn't just the Hooters Girls who had fun hanging out with the two-time major champion. Baseball legend Gary Sheffield stopped by Hooters to say hello to golfing royalty.

In 2019, the L.A. Times reported Daly isn't the type to only talk to the likes of Sheffield and the Hooters waitresses. Big John doesn't charge for photos with fans or autographs. "I don't play in the NBA," John said in an interview with the Times.

His merchandise is priced for the common man -- shirts were $20 in 2019.

And Daly can't beat the deal he's made with Hooters that has him coming back year after year. He parks the RV and goes to work.

“I’ve found people knocking on the bus, beating all the bus — all good stuff,” John's bodyguard, Cory Moore, told the Times. “I just talk to them. They’re just having fun, and they’re excited to see him. Because nobody else comes and does this.

“I have a video of about 200 people chanting his name when he walked off the bus.”

The Masters might be a tradition unlike any other®, but John Daly at that Hooters across the street is a close second.

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