Hooters Signs John Daly & John Daly II To Partnership Deals

Like father, like son.

In one of the most logical NIL deals in NIL history, Hooters announced Tuesday that the brand has signed a name, image, likeness deal with University of Arkansas freshman golfer John Daly II, the son of Hooters ambassador John Daly, who is also signing his own partnership deal with the wing slingers.

“Hooters is thrilled to make our long-standing relationship with John official and to enter an exciting new venture with Little John as our first NIL ambassador,” said Bruce Skala, Hooters of America senior vice president of marketing. “John’s larger-than-life personality makes him an ideal representative of Hooters’ fun-loving spirit, while Little John will promote our brand to the next generation as one of the next big names in golf. We are ecstatic to have the Dalys, fantastic golfers and great personalities, on board as spokespeople for Hooters, the definitive 19th hole.”

As part of the father-son Hooters deal, Big John will wear Hooters apparel and use a Hooters golf bag with the company's retro logo while he's playing on the PGA Tour Champions circuit. There will also be Big John meet-and-greets at Hooters locations across the country.

John Daly II's NIL deal will have him following in his dad's footsteps while working on his craft at Arkansas.

“Hooters is the ideal place for me to go and unwind after a long day on the course or in the classroom, so I am honored to be chosen as an ambassador for the iconic brand,” Daly II said of his new deal. “I have seen my father’s great relationship with Hooters over the years, and I am proud to continue my family’s association with this iconic brand.”

There are brand alignments and then there are the Dalys doing business with a business they actually enjoy doing business with. This is marketing 101 in the age of NIL deals. Dad wins. The son wins. Everyone has fun, and Hooters makes a few dollars.

What a beautiful thing it is.

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