Hideki Matsuyama Carries Masters Jacket Through The Atlanta Airport, Still Living As A Common Man

There was Hideki Matsuyama in the Atlanta airport this morning with his new green jacket he won at The Masters, waiting on a flight out of town. An eyewitness on the scene reported Matsuyama was awaiting a 6:45 a.m. flight to Chicago with an unknown final destination to come. The Twitter experts seem to think the 29-year-old with over $33,000,000 in career earnings is headed to Japan to show off his new jacket and be hailed for his accomplishment.

But first, let's focus on this absurdity in Atlanta. The first Japanese golfer -- and they love golf, according to Karen Rovell and all of his dumb statistics -- to win a Masters title is just humbly walking through Hartsfield International with one of the most prized possessions, if not the most prized possession, in the golf world like he's about to catch a flight to Chicago for a late Monday afternoon business meeting.

No garment bag. Just a man and his prize. It warms the heart to know this world is still capable of moments like this. No private jet. No undercover cops providing cover. It looks like some random Japanese guy who bought a replica Masters jacket at an Augusta gift shop. Instead, it's the guy who won the damn thing.

Going even further with the private jet thing, it's beyond fascinating that Hideki's team wasn't treated by Wheels Up or some other private jet company looking to make a name for itself with a flight of their choice out of Georgia. Do you guys want to hit up Vegas to celebrate? Tokyo?Let's make a deal!

And let's not forget it appears Hideki put that jacket through the security scanner in one of those bins as the security guy yells at you to get your shoes off and keep moving. This kind of morning is about as pure as it gets. The actual tournament might've been incredibly boring, but we'll never forget the time Hideki lived the common man life and flew commercial with his Masters jacket.

The next thing someone will tell me is that this guy cuts his own grass. We could be looking at a rising star around here.

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