Forget Alligators, This Golfer Was Attacked By A SWAN!

We've been focused on the wrong thing.

At golf courses, the most insane thing you'll probably see -- at least when it comes to wildlife -- is an alligator. Chubbs from Happy Gilmore didn't lose his hand for nothing. Unless your name is Joe Dirt, those things need to be avoided at all costs.

But something else needs our attention. Another creature lurking at the golf course can viciously attack people who just want to crush a few golf balls and beers with friends or co-workers. That creature? A swan.

Now I know what you're thinking, but hear me out. This is a newfound discovery for me too. I've seen various birds, including swans, attack people before, and nothing serious happened. But the one that attacked this golfer recently was extra. Apparently, John Walters hitting his 5-foot putt did NOT sit well with the swan.

Check out this video from TMZ Sports.

Now, I'm not about mindlessly hurting wildlife, but I also can't promise that I wouldn't mess that swan up if it attacked me. Full disclosure, I'm probably going full Happy Gilmore on its ass if I have a putter in my hand. I don't care how beautiful and majestic it looks.

If you're trying to decide whom to bet on between me and that swan, pick me.

So, Walters did show much more restrain than I would have -- and good for him. Really, it's the swan that needs a stern talking to.

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