Dani Torres Is A Rising Star, Clay Crushes A Pitching Wedge In Mexico & Joe Lunardi Crushes CBB Fans

Congratulations to the college basketball fans who got big regular-season wins last night

Flipping through my iCalendar, it has come to my attention that, counting today, there are three days left in February, which means there are three days remaining until I officially care about the college basketball season. Yes, I watched most of the Michigan blowout win over Iowa and then nearly all of Michigan State's win over Ohio State. Was I emotional over either game? Absolutely not.

Does Michigan look like a top-level college basketball team? Absolutely. Juwan Howard has built a beast on defense and in the paint. He also has poised perimeter players who can shoot, even the 7'2 freshman Hunter Dickinson, who absolutely flustered Iowa's Luka Garza, who'll most likely win Player of the Year honors. Will I root for Michigan to lose in the second round to an 8/9 seed? Absolutely. Do I recognize that this is a well-put-together team? Yes, I'm not a moron who can't recognize how special it is to see a 7'2 monster dominating in the middle.

As for Michigan State, they're in the NCAA Tournament along with Duke. Sparty just beat Illinois and Ohio State with a day off between games. That should take care of the resume.

Now for the really good news from the college basketball season: next Thursday, March 4, Sparty travels to Ann Arbor. Then the two teams close out the Big Ten regular-season Sunday, March 7 in East Lansing. Buckle up, things are about to get real good.

• I'm not sure how I'm just learning there are driving ranges out there where you hit golf balls into ponds. My dad checked in last night during the Michigan game and was telling me that he goes to a range in Naples where the range is a pond and the special balls float to shore where they're retrieved. Florida never ceases to amaze me.

• Clocking in at 50 minutes on the dot, last night's call with my father might've been the longest we've ever had. It helps that he's golfing again after years of shoulder issues. There's nothing a bad golfer (me) and a decent retiree golfer (dad) like to chat about more than how to attack a hole with water and sand without hitting both with a single shot.

• It's going to be 61 degrees here on Sunday. I am fully prepared to see my neighbors again. It was a long two months of darkness. Everything changes this weekend...even though we'll get at least 1-2 more blasts of snow in March.

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