ClubProGuy's Putting Tips Are On The Mark

To be a great putter, you need to master two key elements.  Line and speed. The problem is, the farther your ball is from the hole, the more difficult that is to do.

In this important Learning Center video, I teach you a great little trick for finding a way to get your ball closer to the hole.

Let me first say, the easiest option for great putting is to always hit a quality approach shot that lands right next to the hole. But let’s face it, most of you guys don’t have the God given talent required to pull that off. If that’s the case for you, then you need to utilize other arrows in your quiver to make these difficult putts more manageable.

This training video is a great example of that.

Many times throughout a round you will find your ball in your playing partners putting line. When that’s the case, he or she will typically ask you to move your mark. Instead of being frustrated or “put off” by this request, embrace it!  This is a great opportunity to make that testy 10 foot putt for par, a 9 foot six inch putt for par. Does it guarantee a made putt? No, but this is a game of odds, and the closer your ball is to the hole on any given shot, the better your odds of a make are.

So check out the video to learn more and practice this technique during the off season in your home or office. Let's make 2021 your best golf season yet!

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