Bryson DeChambeau Would Prefer If You'd Stop Walking

Bryson DeChambeau lost to Patrick Cantlay in a six-hole playoff yesterday at the BMW Championship, but not before he could do something strange. Right before his approach shot, Cantlay decided to advance himself up the fairway while Bryson was still standing over his ball. And for that, DeChambeau let him hear it on camera:

To be fair, Cantlay should have known better. Bryson was obviously ticked off and handled this as bluntly as he probably could've, but he's still right. You don't walk down the fairway while a player focuses on his shot, even if it's Bryson DeChambeau. It's the same as stepping on a player's putting line or talking during a friend's backswing.

You'll make the annoyed friend look like the bad guy for saying something when the focus should be on your lack of professionalism. For once, we're actually siding with Bryson, who's just trying to make sure players are following golf etiquette.