Bryson DeChambeau Says He May Never Get The Hang Of Augusta National

Not long after Bryson DeChambeau said Augusta National was a "par 67," he apparently lost faith.

"I don't think you can ever figure this place out. There are so many things going on around here," he said.

He now claims that the conditions changed his previous assessment.

"The wind makes it diabolical. It's flying around through these trees and bouncing off the trees and making it feel into the mind when it should be downwind and vice versa. I'm willing to stand up to and try to face the challenge and try and conquer it. It's an interesting challenge for me and I love it."

He even claimed the greens felt new:

"I felt like, on the putting green, I was finally seeing lines out there for the first time in five years. That excites me for sure," he concluded.

I would say the 27-year-old major champion was humbled, and it's enjoyable to watch. Golf courses have long humbled those who play them, which suggests that golf isn't just a giant calculation that can be solved and conquered. You can't just outdrive everyone and expect to win. Sometimes winning requires some luck, experience, and intangibles that can't be calculated.

The Masters Twitter account soon responded to DeChambeau's apparent "obsession with learning":

DeChambeau finished this year's tournament at +5 and will try again next year for his first green jacket.

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