Aerial Images Show 'Significant' Course Changes At Augusta National

After hosting two Masters events in five months, the power brokers at Augusta National appear to have put a plan in motion to change the layout for certain holes on the course, according to aerial images from Eureka Earth, a company that specializes in attaching cameras to small aircraft that are not drones. The company says it's "Uber for aerial imagery," and this week it has scored some of the most important golf images of 2021.

We're talking about high-definition images of course changes taking place that sent golf writers, who were focused on the U.S. Open, scrambling to figure out what the Augusta power brokers are up to. What's clear is that changes are happening to your beloved course. Excavators are definitely on the No. 11 fairway. There are definitely major changes coming to No. 15.

In May, Eureka cameras caught work being done on No. 17.

Golf writer Geoff Shackelford says the big news here is that No. 15 appears to be getting a new back tee and "sandscapping," possibly around the 14th green. "The 11th tee shot will be impacted by this new tee, but barring new plantings or old ones coming back—it’s Augusta National after all—it looks like there is a dwindling tree population down the right side compared to the 2019 view below. I can’t quite figure out the carry number to get past the clump of pines remaining, but it would appear drives of a certain distance will be met with a much wider landing area," Shackelford writes.

Go crazy, you Augusta National freaks. Share the news with your text exchanges. Think about how this changes Sunday. Think about how Jim Nantz will handle this news while suckin' down an azalea cocktail next to a Butler's cabin fire. Goosebumps, right?

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