1971 Masters Champ Charles Coody Regrets Putting His Memorabilia Up For Auction

There have been plenty of times throughout the years when athletes have sold or pawned their winning merchandise after going through some hard times.

One such champion is Charles Coody, who took the title at the Masters in Augusta 50 years ago.

Coody is one of the many who decided to sell part of his memorabilia collection, and now it sounds like he regrets that decision.

The 1971 Masters champion was on hand for the anniversary this week and admitted that his decision to sell bothers him.

“I’m torn up about it,” Coody said on Saturday.

“I keep asking myself if I made the right decision, and to be honest, I don’t know. If somebody approached me now, I wouldn’t do it. I’d tell them, ‘No.’”

The items that are for sale that are listed at TheGolfAuction.com include a 1971 Gold Medal that was handed to Coody following his Masters victory.

There is plenty of Coody memorabilia to go around, as reports say he has agreed to get rid of 175 pieces, which includes irons used to win the title, as well as his contestant badge from the event.

"There are so many questions in my mind, and I wonder every minute, 'Should I have done anything with any of it?'" Coody said.

“You start thinking about going upstairs to meet the Big Man, and I just want what’s best for my children.”

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