Golf Writer Quits After He Says Publication Refused To Publish Pregnant Golfer’s Pro-Life, Christian Views

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Steve Eubanks, the now-former senior writer for Global Golf Post, resigned from his position after alleging that the publication would not publish Christian and pro-life elements from an interview he did with pro golfer Amy Olson, who has competed while pregnant this year.

The situation began prior to the U.S. Women’s Open at Pebble Beach in July when the publication asked Eubanks, who is based out of Atlanta, to put together a preview story. Eubanks was allowed to choose any golfer in the field to highlight and he chose Olson, who competed in the event seven months pregnant with her first child.

Amy Olson Being A Pro-Life Christian Rubs News Outlets The Wrong Way

Eubanks completed his assignment and wrote the story, but then alleged that the outlet’s executive editor said the interview would only be published if the sections about Olson’s pro-life and Christian faith were cut. Eubanks claimed that he resigned on the spot after the executive editor’s mandate and the staff going “ballistic” over Olson’s comments.

Eubanks had worked at Global Golf Post since its launch 12 years ago.

A golf writer resigned from his position after a publication wouldn’t run a story about pro golfer Amy Olson and her pro-life opinion. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

In part of the unpublished story recently shared by The Blaze, Olson commented on abortion and Roe v. Wade being overturned.

“I will say that the irony is not lost on me that, one year ago, when Roe v. Wade was overturned, I was playing in a major championship outside Washington, D.C., and women from around the world, and even on tour, were outraged. Now, a year later, people are celebrating that I’m going to be playing a major championship with an unborn child that they recognize as a life,” Olson told Eubanks.

“Even on Golf Channel, one of the hosts said that instead of 156, this year there will be 157 players in the field, recognizing that our child is a human being who will be out there with me.”

“That irony is not lost on me. I celebrate that our general humanity and common sense knows why this is something special.”

Olson also discussed the challenges of being a Christian in today’s world, especially as a professional athlete and in the public eye.

“It’s very tough. Being a Christian has always been political because Christianity is supposed to touch every aspect of your life,” Olson explained. “I believe in comprehensive Christianity. It dictates how you treat people, how you think about the world, and the decisions that you make. There’s nothing in my life that isn’t affected by faith. To think that there is a realm out there not affected by my faith is something I can’t even fathom.”

It’s worth noting here that this was a story about Olson that used direct quotes from the pro golfer, this wasn’t an opinion piece from Eubanks, but a simple report and preview ahead of a major championship.

Amy Olson competed this season while pregnant with her first child. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

USA Today Kills The Follow-Up Story

Eubanks explained to The Blaze that he would have understood if Global Golf Post wanted to pull the entire interview if it deemed it too political, but the fact that the publication wanted to run it but cut the pro-life Christian aspects left him no choice but to resign.

He also said if Olson “had said exactly the opposite, I still would have fought to put it in.”

The story, which was scheduled to be published the day before the first round of the U.S. Women’s Open, was never published.

Eubanks further explained that USA Today’s Golfweek had planned to publish a story about “the interview that never ran.” He alleges that the article was written and approved by Golfweek’s editorial team, but USA Today’s editors killed the story.

Would Global Golf Post or USA Today have had an issue publishing a story with a professional athlete discussing their pro-choice views?

I think we all know the answer to that question.

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  1. Good for him. We had this very discussion at my men’s group last night: What would you do if your current employer offered you a substantial, potentially life changing raise, with the stipulation that you could not discuss/defend/disclose your Christian faith?

    I posed the question, not even realizing that a 22 year old young man in our group had in fact recently quit his well paying job as an IT Analyst for a casino, because he was being paid to analyze and provide data to assist in driving additional traffic to an already well oiled money making machine. He found out a few weeks later that his wife of 2 years was expecting their first child.

    He’s now a substitute teacher and is a few classes from his math credential. He has a strong family support system and his church family is also here for them to help supplement any necessary income.

    We as a community rely on and support each other. We don’t rely on the government. We know it doesn’t represent us, especially in our home state of California.

    Thank you so much Mark for bringing this matter to light.

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