Golf Star Kyle Berkshire Crushes Ball 236.2 MPH, Sets New Record

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Golfer Kyle Berkshire can crush the ball like nobody’s business and this week he set a record that will horrify the guy who drives the ball picker at his local driving range.

Berkshire was belting some tee shots — around 70 of them according to — on one of the golf simulators. On one swing he belted a 236.2 mile-per-hour shot that can only be accurately described as a “piss missile.”

Just for perspective’s sake: the 4-lap average speed that put Scott Dixon on pole at the Indianapolis 500 this year was 234.046.

Kyle Berkshire can hit a ball with a greater exit velocity than an IndyCar has during qualifying.

That’s unbelievable.

If you hear that man yell “fore” anywhere within a multi-mile radius, you take cover. That ball is coming in a hurry.

Berkshire Plans To Keep Setting Records

One of the things that makes Kyle Berkshire the man (aside from his ability to put golf balls into orbit) is his outright refusal to rest on his laurels.

He could sit back and kick until some other golfer who can hit the snot out of a Titleist comes along, but that’s not the Kyle Berkshire way. He cracked 236, but he’s already got his eyes on the next prize.

When asked where he goes from here, Berkshire said 237. It makes sense that that’s the next logical step, seeing as it’s how numbers work.

But what happens after he inevitably eclipses the 237 mark you ask?

He’s got his eye on 240.

238 and 239 mph are for posers, man.

Berkshire revealed that he actually has hit 238 before and said that he just needs to get a hold of a ball with the right swing and he’s cracking the 238s for good.

The 26-year-old trains with LIV Golf star Bryson DeChambeau, but there’s no chance DeChambeau could drive one with as much heat as Berkshire.

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