Golf Influencer Karin Hart Approves Of Tom Brady’s Underwear Ad

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You can feel bad for Tom Brady if you want. It’s true that he had a losing season last year, was beaten by the Dallas Cowboys for the first time, and went through a very difficult divorce.

It’s also true that he’s going to be just fine. As soon as Gisele kicked him to the curb, models were lining up for a chance to get his attention. Among them were a couple of influencers who professed their love for him.

Karin Hart Tom Brady Jersey
Golf influencer in Tom Brady’s jersey (Image Credit: Karin Hart/Instagram)

Instagram model Veronika Rajek, despite being a married woman, continues to monitor the retired quarterback’s situation. Another keeping her eye on all things Brady is golf influencer Karin Hart.

Back in November, Karin wanted to know her chances of marrying Brady. She also confessed that she was in love with him. She said, “I’m just sitting here in my house stretching and looking at Instagram. And I started stalking Tom Brady’s page and I think I’m in love with him.”

“I think I’m in love with Tom Brady.”

Earlier this week she proved that she was still “stalking” Brady on social media. Although, the picture she responded to were all over the internet. You know the picture, the one of Brady looking like an alien promoting his Brady Brand underwear.

He asked in the tweet of his underwear selfie, “Did I do it right?”

Karin responded to the pic and it’s safe to say she’s still a fan. She replied to the tweet by saying, “Ya Tom, you did it right…” She threw in the heart eyes emoji to drive her approval home.

Tom Brady’s DMs Have To Be A Disaster

Again, like I’ve said multiple time now, Brady will be just fine. Sure it’s tough to go through a divorce for most people.

The fact that his now ex-wife is a supermodel probably adds to the difficulty. But it’s not the end for the 45-year-old.

He can now respond to the many, many other models who shoot their shot with him on a regular basis. Retiring from the NFL is only going to give him more time to scroll through the DMs.

The numbers of DMs he’s been receiving lately has to be through the roof. If Karin hasn’t slid in there yet it’s probably only a matter of time. She’s surely made her interest known outside of the DMs.

Written by Sean Joseph

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