Golf Influencer Grace Charis Hits The Water As She Prepares For Summer

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The influencer battle between Paige Spiranac and Grace Charis, a significant threat to her world’s No. 1 golf influencer ranking, has quieted down as of late. Whether that’s due to Paige flexing her content muscles or Grace taking a step back to plan out her next move isn’t clear.

It could be true that both things have taken place at the same time. Paige has certainly pushed her foot down on her content pedal lately. She on the course handing out tips and dropping a comedic stripper video for a few laughs.

Paige Spiranac rival Grace Charis
Golf influencer Grace Charis on the course (Image Credit: Grace Charis/Instagram)

As for what Grace has been up to, she’s largely been on the course making the most of what has become her signature look. In fact, other than a visit to Coachella – and today’s on the water content – she’s been hitting the golf course hard since stealing Paige’s Masters look.

Since that moment back in early April, Paige has been on the offensive. Something that she hasn’t had to do much over her several years of dominance as a golf influencer. It seemed to have served as a wakeup call that there are others coming up behind her on the trail that she blazed.

Grace’s latest reminder that others are still breathing down Paige’s neck came on Friday. She hit the water in an eye catching blue bikini to welcome summer.

Are We In For Another Paige Spiranac And Grace Charis Battle?

That’s how you feed the algorithm on Friday in early June. With a warning shot to all of the other influencers out there that you’re ready for the summer.

This could also be a sign that Grace is ready for more than just summer. We could see another influencer battle for the ages as the temps rise and the bikinis continue to make an appearance.

It’s really only a matter of time before Grace makes another move for the No. 1 spot. Is this how she sets the table? Time will tell and we’ll be ready and waiting for it when it goes down.

Written by Sean Joseph

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