Fleet Of Golf Carts At Florida Course Destroyed In Fire For Second Time In A Month

The Dune’s Golf & Tennis Club in Sanibel, Florida has had horrendous luck with its golf carts over the last month. After a fleet of carts was destroyed in a fire on October 16, another was engulfed in flames on Friday.

Hurricane Ian, and its aftermath, are the likely culprit.

According to PGA Club Pro Mike Dopslaff, the cause of the most recent fire likely mirrors the cause of the first, which is a chemical reaction between the cart’s lithium batteries and the saltwater residue left on the carts when the storm surge flooded the course in late September.

The fire that occurred in October took out 39 carts, while the most recent fire destroyed 32 carts. Dopslaff said 71 of the course’s 72 golf carts have now been destroyed.

Golf carts engulfed in huge flames at The Dunes. Via Sanibel Fire Rescue District.

According to The News-Press, the fire caused thick, black smoke that could be seen high in the air from miles away.


The local fire rescue team said that there was no structural damage at the course, which may be the only lucky break the property has gotten in the last handful of weeks.

The Dunes was completely underwater in the aftermath of the Category 4 storm, and Dopslaff could only get to the course by boat in the early days following the storm. The property is still without power, plumbing, phone, or internet.

Somehow, someway, Dopslaff is worried about worse scenarios than 71 of his 72 carts bursting into flames on the property.

“I just keep thinking what if that happened while they were being transported,” he said.

Here’s to hoping The Dunes is back up and running sooner rather than later.

Written by Mark Harris

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