Golf Cart Runs Wild at Texas State High School Championships

Clear eyes, full heart, look out!

In a video that I just received this morning — I hereby blame every one of my readers in Texas for not Tweeting me this sooner — there was a runaway golf cart at the Texas state title game. And, well, if you haven’t gotten enough laughs from the awkward fan photo contest that we debuted this morning, the runaway Texas golf cart will make your day much brighter.

Here’s the backstory from Fox Houston:

They quoted Texas state high school coach Willie Amendola, who was talking to media when the cart joined their circle.

“I fell backwards into it, it hit me in the back, nobody ever saw it coming. This is a once in a lifetime, I don’t think could ever happen again, hopefully never happen again,” said Amendola. 

Emergency personnel rushed to the scene where thankfully nobody was seriously hurt, although coach Amendola tells FOX 26 News that his back does hurt. 

“Stunned, shocked, adrenaline pumping, I got up and walked around, saw a paramedic, got on the bus and came home and have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. I think one man fractured his ankle, another got a gash on his leg, another guy had a thigh problem, he wrapped up with paramedics at stadium so he walked out too,” said Amendola.

I probably shouldn’t have watched this thing ten times in a row doubled over with laughter, but I’ll be damned if I can stop.

That’s Coach Willie Amendola, whose team had just won the state title, who ends up in the passenger seat of the golf cart and tries to stop it.

Can you imagine if this happened at the end of an SEC game?

And if this did happen at the end of an SEC game, is there any doubt that Derek Dooley would be the coach who got run over?

If golf carts ever become sentient beings, looks like we’re all in trouble.

That, and if alligators start to fly.

Update: the Texas golf cart has been remixed with its own soundtrack. Which one? Ridin’ Dirty, of course


Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.