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Gold Diggers Kanye, Jemele And Trump Stripping For Fame On Twitter

At least Kanye West is self-aware. He knows his addiction to fame is killing him. The rapper-turned-presidential candidate battles his addiction with religious faith.

The rest of us, particularly those of us who rushed to social media to mock West’s latest smoke session from the fame pipe, could use a teeny bit of Kanye’s self-awareness.

West opened his presidential campaign Sunday in South Carolina, speaking to a small, private gathering of supporters. As he’s prone to do, West free-styled his 50-minute stump speech, riffing on topics such as abortion, race and Harriet Tubman. 

He suggested giving every mother $1 million as an incentive to slow abortion. He cried when revealing he pondered the possibility of aborting his daughter. He stated that Tubman did not free slaves; she had them work for other white people.

Kanye West is running for president because he can’t think of another endeavor that would bring him more fame. The College Dropout artist is now touting Jesus is King because he can’t think of any other person capable of healing his addiction to fame.

I admire Kanye. I have empathy for him. He’s battling the disease sweeping and destroying America.


It’s a drug more addictive and deadly than crack cocaine and heroin. It preys equally on the rich and the poor, black and white, educated and uneducated. 

Fame is this generation’s Big Tobacco, a toxic habit marketed to the public as cool, liberating and sophisticated. Twitter is the Philip Morris of fame, and the social media app’s retweet and like buttons act as nicotine. Donald Trump or LeBron James — take your pick — is the Marlboro Man. Just like the famous cigarette advertising campaign, Trump and James make the neediness of fame appear masculine. 

An insatiable desire for affirmation is the ultimate “daddy issue.” It banishes young women to the stripper pole and causes men to sacrifice all values in exchange for popularity. 

America is having a daddy crisis. It’s really that simple. The absence of fathers and the dramatic shift in the role of fatherhood have emasculated this country and created widespread identity issues. We’re crowd-sourcing positive affirmation. 

At least Kanye recognizes the problem. Hardly anyone else does. That’s why there was such a rush to ridicule West’s rambling political speech and mock his comments pertaining to Harriet Tubman. His point was not difficult to understand. As a black person living in the era of American slavery, you couldn’t be truly free until you had all the same rights and freedoms as free white men. 

But the quest for fame does not allow for nuance, especially via social media. Vilification, generalization and bigotry best serve the interest of fame on Twitter. 

Sunday, ESPN broadcaster-turned-race commenter Jemele Hill fed her Kanye-like fame addiction with a Trump troll that dwarfed her 2017  Trump tweet that led to her demise at the Worldwide Leader. Hill tweeted: 

“If you vote for Donald Trump, you are a racist. You have no wiggle room.”

The tweet garnered more than 200,000 likes, 50,000 retweets and 35,000 comments. In comparison, her 2017 tweet that labeled Trump a white supremacist and launched her second career as a race firebrand was a mere gateway drug. It has just 33,000 likes, 16,000 retweets and 8,000 comments.

They say a drug user would rob his own mother to feed his addiction. Hill has admitted several times via Twitter that her beloved mother voted for Trump in 2016. 

No wiggle room? It’s such a dishonest, childish and bigoted perspective that Hill and her employers ought to be embarrassed. But fame addicts do not know shame. Their thirst for attention overwhelms dignity and any sense of fairness. 

If the price of fame is maligning half of America, Hill isn’t the only quasi-celebrity willing to pay that bill. Why shouldn’t they? Nike, ESPN and other American global corporations will fight for the opportunity to reward Hill for her bigotry.

Hill, Trump, LeBron and Kanye are all working out their daddy issues on social media stripper poles. At least Kanye knows he can’t get into heaven wearing a G-string.

Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. ***Hill has admitted several times via Twitter that her beloved mother voted for Trump in 2016. ***

    Wow. Good information to know. Does this think her own mother is a racist? You pointing that out proves to me that even Hill doesn’t believe her own overreactions.

    The rich are doomed to fame. The poor are doomed to jealousy.

    Everyone complains nonstop. At my job, people got a $500 bonus. Some people were pissed because they insisted that they would’ve preferred getting unlimited UNPAID time off. Um, resign then?

    Self-worship: The #1 weapon used against American society.

    • The fact that her mother may have voted for Trump is a wrinkle that I didn’t know – however I also think it isn’t necessarily indicative of her relationship with her mother. She may hate her mother also and have daddy AND mommy issues. But the average person reads that and is like “wow, does she say those things to her mother” because we wouldn’t. So it impacts the reader more. Not sure if what I’m trying to say makes sense – I’m no Whitlock lol

  2. Jason, you are an amazing writer. Time after time, you articulate thoughts and feelings which we all have but are unable to express ourselves. I used to respect Jemele (a long time ago), but you are so right that she is addicted to the “drug” of fame. She makes posts and comments which are completely irresponsible and without context (for example, in regards to Breonna Taylor’s tragic death, Jemele would never state that Officers were shot at first. Nor would Jemele state the true fact that the day before Breonna’s death a white person had been killed in a similar fashion when officers barged into his room and killed him and wounded his girlfriend while she was sleeping). In fact, Jemele does not care that cities burn while she promotes hate. It is exactly like you say. She is an addict and we should pity her………Jason, in this days of lies and deceit, thank you again for your courage and truth telling.

  3. I don’t disagree with the entirety of the column, but it’s a little unfair to lump the president in with LeBron J. Hill, etc. Republicans don’t get fair press but what has happened to Trump is crazy. This Twitter has become a necessity for Trump. Before virus our economy was best in history, lowest black unemployment ever, prison reform legislation, etc. and it’s never reported except talk radio. Fox is not what it used to be (Tucker, Hannity make them money). If networks were fair Twitter would not be the necessary evil it’s become for Trump. Look at his policies, first pol to keep promises in a long time.

    • Totally agree, Michael. He’s playing by the rules the Rad Left is playing by. They don’t like that…”why, no other Republican is doing that? How can Trump be allowed to circumvent the low lifes in the press and speak directly to people? It’s not fair…Trump’s a cheater!!!”

  4. As a fellow Indy kid and BSU alum (Whitlock is slightly older), I’ve been following Jason for a while. An articulate, compassionate, free-thinker rooted in the realities of a vast majority of the country allows him to be a champion for rationality. A true authority.

    And holy hell, that “can’t get into heaven in a G-string” line…epic.

  5. This may be Hill’s way to stay ‘relevant’ in the ‘twittersphere’. She has left the world of ‘journalism’ and entered the new profession of race hustling and race baiting. It’s her new meal ticket. She may be smarter than we give her credit. She cares not to sacrifice any moral value for fame and $$$.

  6. Hey Jason,
    Thank you as always for provoking and prodding people to use the brains they were given and to see through the smoke and the haze.
    My only disagreement is when you included the President with Kanye and Jemele and I guess, you threw LeBron in there too, I guess. “Gold diggers stripping for fame”? If you didn’t write that headline then I’d have a serious talk with whomever did.
    I remember all the Republicans — a vast majority of them — who ALWAYS had to check the rulebook for how to play in the D.C. sandbox. And they always got their azzes beat and their lunch money taken by Dems who didn’t care about protocol. Dems were fighting to win…Republicans asked what the rules were for discourse.
    So this President stays, “hey, we’ve got this social media platform that eliminates the middle man of old, the PR firm or the “spokes person” who gets filtered by the newspaper editors and the TV execs. If Trump is stripping, well he’s stripping away the veneers that hide the back room BS of Washington, and I say “bravo”!!!

  7. Kanye is tormented by being Kanye.

    Just like Jim Morrison of the Doors 🚪

    Jameele Hill and Kap lost out on the legit careers they were building and tossed it into the fire pit of history.

    Like ‘Reverend’ Al Sharlaton, Some day someone will ask who they are and why they are famous. Nobody will know.

  8. Overall I thought this was a great article.

    My only disagreement with Jason is I don’t believe Kanye’s presidential bid is him just seeking more fame. Given what he said in his Forbe’s interview and his comments at his South Carolina event, I believe that he believes his run for president is to save the spiritual soul of America.

    Doesn’t mean he’s not mentally unstable. Doesn’t mean he’s not overall an egotistical person. I just don’t believe either is the main reason he’s running for president.

  9. I think Ms. Hill is laughing as she embarrasses ESPN management and makes them squirm in their conference rooms, regretting ever bringing her back. Woke America shamed ESPN to hiring her back to work on the Kaep hagiography (I can just imagine the eye rolling while watching this). This is her revenge tour.

  10. Hill is a person of low character. ESPN, like much of the content it carries, is becoming less relevant every day. Hill and ESPN are a match made in heaven, assuming heaven is still not a dog whistle of some sort.

  11. Jemele was third rate for the Orlando sentinel here in Florida. She was never really a journalist just a grievance queen. Just really irrelevant and someone like Don Draper says “ you know I really don’t think about you at all”.

  12. In Trump’s defense, if he didn’t tweet himself he would hardly get any defense or accurate coverage at all. Also, Twitter does have its uses. For instance, there is apparently a lot of good information about the Coronavirus on Twitter that would never see the light of day in the MSM.

    That said, I have never understood Twitter as a phenomenon. From what I’ve heard only 20% of American adults use Twitter and that 10% of those users are responsible for 80% of tweets. So you’ve got 2% of the U.S. adult population talking to 18% of the population. How is that representative of the U.S. population at large?

    The whole being famous thing is a mystery. I’ve got a great wife who can cook and let’s me drink beer and watch all the college football I want in the fall. Why do I need to be famous?

  13. im on the fence about sports…if all sports are pledging allegiance to BLM, i’m out…i will sacrifice my love of gambling and draft kings and fan duel, et al. I am concerned that when sports reappear and the distraction resumes, that the issues will be lost. the kneeling is already making me not want to be a part of it…its not ‘shut up and dribble’. everyone knows the issues…if the leagues join hollywood, and then ALL entertainment becomes wokeness, i’m out..all the leagues seem to be on the woke bandwagon…it seems as if the leagues are taking a side and im on the other side…

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