GoDaddy Announces Dropping Website Over TX Abortion Law

GoDaddy, a website used to register online domains, announced on Thursday that it will no longer host a whistleblowing site associated with the Texas Right to Life anti-abortion group.

The website — — allows citizens of Texas to report activity that infringes on the state’s new abortion regulations, which has been in the eye of public discourse all week.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott outlawed abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, with a 5-4 Supreme Court majority vote against banning the law that angered pro-choice advocates. Liberal detractors then flooded the anonymous tip line with fake reports.

The domain host gave a notice to Texas Right to Life that services would be suspended as of Friday evening.

GoDaddy joins the list of critics reprimanding the abortion bill, state of Texas and Supreme Court for permitting legislation that has been labeled as “anti-woman.” The breaking news came as a surprise to those that originally discovered the site through their Super Bowl marketing campaigns, featuring indecent depictions of the female body.

Conservatives largely voiced their support for the legislation that served as a big win within the pro-life movement. The Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon announced that his site will be donating money to the Texas tip line as an answer to GoDaddy’s cancelation.

GoDaddy has a domain listing of over 62 million sites.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. All of the baby snuffing supporting companies are going to bubble up to the surface in the next few weeks. My boycott list is about to get bigger. Lyft sent me some bs email today. I replied to them to piss off and then unsubscribed them.

    • The law is not stupid. If she decided to play, and they didn’t use enough protection, then the baby shouldn’t have to pay the price.

      But it is ironic that GoDaddy wants to help kill children, thus stopping someone from being a Daddy. Maybe they should be called NoDaddy!

    • Who really calls the shots during a sexual encounter. If you’re being honest you’d say the woman. They choose who they want to fuck, they can say no condom no sex. They can take birth control. If they are nervous about a condom breaking the night b4 they can take a morning after pill. If they don’t get their period for 5 weeks take a pregnancy test. Those are all the opportunities they have to prevent or end a pregnancy. At some point the baby needs to have a say, and 6 weeks in is that time.

      • If SHE doesn’t want it, she can kill it. If she keeps it, the “father” is trapped into a financial burden where he has no “choice.” (I am NOT in this situation)

        Why are we not treating the two situations the same? If the MOTHER chooses to “abort” her responsibilities, shouldn’t the FATHER have a similar option? (It would make him a total dirt-bag, but abortion makes a woman a total dirt-bag, too)

  2. Refuse service to Biden libtards and business is booming for that restaurant in Florida. No place in this world for discrimination based upon skin color so you are correct. There are plenty of us conservatives that believe in pro choice btw. We might win elections again if we can get arms around that concept.

  3. THIS is exactly why I dropped my GoDaddy hosting service (and all GoDaddy services) about a year ago – it’s just a matter of time before they started going after apolitical websites for the political views of the owners of those websites.

    BTW, if you are considering a website, GoDaddy is INCREDIBLY hard to get away from once they set up your domain and hosting (the two things you need most to have a “website”).

    FWIW, I now use EPIK for my domain and hosting — great techs who speak English as a first language, so if you speak some other language, it might not be your best choice.

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