Goal Post Causes Absolute Carnage In Western Kentucky-Indiana Game

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The goal posts in Indiana are out for blood today — for both Western Kentucky AND the Hoosiers!

On a 4th and 10 heave to the end zone on the final play of the half in the Western Kentucky-Indiana game, several players ran straight into the padded base of the post and were immediately destroyed.

Indiana, Western Kentucky players run into goal post

I count five takedowns and one huge groan by the Indiana crowd. What a hit. Looks like everyone made it back up, but it certainly took a while.

Honestly, I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often in football. We get these plays all the time, and somehow almost everyone manages to avoid the giant pole right in the back of the end zone.

Remember back in the day when the goal posts were casually in the actual end zone? Just smack dab in the middle of it?

Imagine the carnage.

The fellas in research tell me they were on the goal line for the early part of the 20th century before the NCAA figured, ‘Hey, maybe this is dumb?’ and moved them to the back in 1927.

The NFL apparently followed suit soon after, only to say, “just kidding,” and put them BACK in the front of the end zone a few years later.

Several Indiana and Western Kentucky players fell victim to the goal post. (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

They stayed there for decades until officials finally had enough and moved them to the back in 1977.

And there’s your history lesson for the day!

Anyway, all’s well that ends well. A brutal hit by the post, but everyone took it in stride and hit the locker room for a little debrief.

Written by Zach Dean

Zach grew up in Florida, lives in Florida, and will never leave Florida ... for obvious reasons. He's a reigning fantasy football league champion, knows everything there is to know about NASCAR, and once passed out (briefly!) during a lap around Daytona. He swears they were going 200 mph even though they clearly were not.

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