Gisele Bündchen Isn’t ‘Seeing’ Tom Brady’s Billionaire Friend After All, Turns Out He’s Engaged

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The drama surrounding the Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen divorce continues. At this point there’s no end in sight and we can assume that the drama will last longer than their actual marriage.

Gisele’s out hitting the stripper pole, dropping bombshell interviews, and being linked to new men just a couple of months after divorcing Brady. One is a jiu-jitsu instructor. The other is a billionaire friend of Brady’s. You know, she’s doing supermodel things.

Gisele Bündchen Tom Brady Jeffrey Soffer
(L-R) Jeffrey Soffer, Miami entrepreneur David Grutman, Miami restaurant owner David Einhorn, David Beckham and Tom Brady enjoying a night out in January. / David Beckham Instagram

Last week it was reported, by sources, that Gisele and Brady’s billionaire friend Jeffrey Soffer had “been seeing each other for several months now and meet secretly about once a week.”

Soffer is loaded and was once married to model Elle Macpherson. Aside from being Brady’s friend, a model of Gisele’s stature seems well within his reach.

Unfortunately for anyone who loves a good rich guy-model love story, the rumors of a relationship between Soffer and Gisele aren’t true. According to Page Six, and their multiple sources anyway.

Soffer is a a serious long-term relationship. In fact, they say he’s engaged. A source tells the celebrity news and gossip site, “”He’s been in a serious relationship for seven years and is currently engaged.”

They go on to identify Soffer’s fiancée Colleen Schiff. The couple attended an event in November in Miami, where they were photographed with Mark Wahlberg.

This added to Gisele’s denial of a relationship with both, Soffer and the jiu-jitsu instructor Joaquim Valente, in Vanity Fair should put this rumor to bed.

Gisele Bündchen Has Forced Brady To Play Defense

Although, the instructor rumor is probably going to sick around for a while longer. Who isn’t rooting for that guy? The romance novel ladies are for sure.

The superstar athlete loses his model wife to a jiu-jitsu instructor. That sounds like a story worthy of a Fabio cover.

As for that superstar athlete who lost his model wife, Brady’s adjusting single life in his 40s. He’s also having to play defense for the first time.

Brady seemed to respond to his ex-wife’s interview with a a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote. He could have been talking about something completely unrelated, bit the timing and this line “endure the betrayal of false friends” seem to suggest otherwise.

The Bündchen-Brady drama continues.

Written by Sean Joseph

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